What is the 12 Step Program? Does it Work?

Drug and substance addiction has been a significant problem in America. It is estimated that over 20 million people are struggling with one addiction or the other. More people are affected by the problem. Unfortunately, only a small group of people is willing to commit to rehabilitation programs. Only about one in every 10 people does so. This development compounds the risks of addiction.

Addiction is a medical condition that requires help to overcome. The more you stay without care and support, the worse your situation becomes. What was easily treatable can become full-blown mental damage. Thanks to the 12-step program, you can now get help.

The program has been in existence for almost a century. It was first introduced in the 1930s. From then, it has been the go-to program for people struggling with alcohol, smoking, and drugs.

What Is The 12 Step Program?

It is a process developed by alcoholics anonymous that provides a systematic way of overcoming addiction. The program asks you to do the following things.

  1. To admit that addiction has overcome you. Your body, mind, and soul are powerless.
  2. To admit that your only hope is through a power outside of you
  3. To submit to the outside power for care and restoration
  4. To do a self-assessment of yourself
  5. To agree to your faults and inadequacies to others and the external power
  6. To appeal to the outside force to help you overcome the shortcomings
  7. To make way for the external power to take control of your life
  8. To implore the higher power to remove the defects in you
  9. To seek forgiveness from the people you have hurt
  10. To make amends to people that we have hurt
  11. To conduct a regular self-analysis of your behavior and actions
  12. To implore the higher power to help you overcome your weaknesses
  13. To help others who have lost the path

These are the 12 steps of recovery recommended by AA. Many programs that utilize this model exist. Most of the rehab centers in Colorado, and by extension in the country, use the program.

Is the 12 step program for addiction effective?

Trust and anonymity are the core pillars of the 12 step program. The data is scanty on how effective the program is. AA releases statics of patients who go through the program on a quarterly basis. Since the cost of the program is low and insurance covers most of it, many people prefer them. At least one million people enroll every year.

The data only focuses on those who meet the criteria below:

  • Complete a one-year 12-step treatment program
  • Complete the yearly meetings without skipping any weekly meetings

Well, that long journey is worth the wait. Unbelievably, 5-10% people complete the program every year. Of those, three in every 10 people will still be sober after 10 years. Those who fall off the way can rejoin the centers later.

You can enroll in any of the treatment centers in Colorado to start a 12-step based rehabilitation program. Pathfinders Rehab Center is one of the Colorado-based treatment centers that utilize the 12-step program.

They offer a variety of treatment programs for drug and substance addiction. They also provide a holistic approach to addiction recovery. Relapse is a major concern for people struggling with drug dependence. You can also visit their blog for insights on how to stay sober after a recovery program.