What Happens in Drug Rehab? Begin Prepared for Treatment

How can I prepare for rehab? While going to rehab is the most crucial choice to make, several tips exist to make your stay more doable for you and the people around you.

These tips are:

  • Notify your work or school.
  • Create a plan for your family to continue going on while you are in treatment.
  • Be sure someone responsible has a power of attorney for you.

We already gave you a guide on how to prepare for rehab, but here’s a refresher. If you have children, explain to them in straightforward terms what happens in rehab. Additionally, you’ll want to assure your family members that you will be coming back to them and be a healthier version of yourself when you are through. Also, you’ll experience an overload of emotions now and through your treatment. If you have selected a good rehab center, they will also be able to provide you more information on this process.

What is inpatient treatment like? And what is rehab like?

As in inpatient at our facility, you’ll live at our rehab 24/7. Inpatient treatment requires several steps. In the first step, a person goes through detox. During detox, you stop using their drug of choice. You’ll have highly trained medical professionals helping you get off your drug of choice safely. The days it takes to detox depends on the drugs you use and the amount of time you’ve been using it.

What is drug rehab like, and what will my treatment plan look like?

After you detox, you are ready to start learning how to live without drugs or alcohol. You’ll receive individualized counseling to help you determine why you became addicted in the first place. You’ll also get group therapy, which means you’ll attend meetings where the group encourages and helps each other to live a sober lifestyle. You’ll also learn alternative ways to deal with the stressors in your life than to use drugs. Group counseling remains a great place to get tips on how to live drug-free. One of our principal methods of recovery remains the tried and true 12-Step method.

How does rehab work?

Rehab works when you begin to see your addiction and how it has ruined your life. And rehab begins to work when you start working your program, guided by experts in the drug rehab field.

After counseling, what happens in rehab? Are you just let back into society to do the best you can. The answer is a resounding no. You may still be feeling some withdrawal symptoms and rehab is a lifelong process.The final step in your treatment plan occurs when you learn and experience sober living and aftercare. You may also need continued counseling and group activities after being discharged from our program. We will set you up with the tools you need to succeed in staying sober long term.

A Typical Day in Rehab

In many ways, there are no typical days in rehab. But, in a typical day in rehab, you continually work your individually designed program, learn to live without drugs and learn to love yourself. You rebuild your relationships with your friends and family. A routine does exist, however. You’ll be expected to participate in individual and group counseling and work your 12-Step program with help from your sponsor. You’ll also have time to join in nurturing activities.

What happens in drug rehab? And how does rehab work? Call us now for more information.