Finding A Solution For Your Pain

When you have reached the point where you’re ready to start seeking help with your alcohol addiction, you may feel that you’re boxed in and unable to receive that help because you’re without insurance. You’re not alone. Many alcoholics and drug addicts find themselves short on money and don’t have a job that provides insurance for them. However, even without insurance, treatment is possible. You may just have to swallow your pride in order to receive the funds you need to pay for that treatment. Even that shouldn’t matter, however, when your health and your family’s stability is on the line. To find out how to attend rehab for alcohol with no insurance, read on.

1. Borrowing From Family And Friends

Treatment for alcoholism without insurance can be pricey. However, if you’re devoted to finding a way out of your pain, so you can provide a stable life for yourself and family, then you should be able to commit to the path of finding a means to pay for the rehab without insurance. One method is to borrow money from your family and friends. It may be difficult to approach them, but if they’re friends that you can count on, then they should be willing to help you out, so you can have a chance of returning to sobriety. Once sober, if you’re unemployed, you should be able to land another job and pay them back quickly. Everyone is left happy.

2. Choose The Right Rehab Center

Another to afford alcohol treatment without insurance is to do a bit of research into the centers around you. Rehab centers are typically broken down into three categories. There are the luxury rehab centers, the executive rehabcenters, and the standard rehab centers. As you might imagine, the price range differs from each one. However, they all do the same thing which is to detox your body and equip you with the resources, therapy, and tools to maintain a sober life. The only differences rest in how fancy the rehab centers are on the inside. As you might imagine, the luxury rehab centers offer a lot of plush and luxurious furniture and activities. If you’re desperate to get yourself help, then you don’t need the extra cushion. You just need a bit of guidance through your detox and therapy. As such, opting for a standard rehab center may be the best option for you. They’re certainly more affordable.

3. Look For A State-Funded Rehab Center

In addition, you can find help for alcoholics without insurance that’s provided by state-funded rehab center. These treatment centers are funded by the government, so those who seek help from them typically don’t have to pay a lot–if at all. As you might imagine, there are qualifications as to how much one may or may not need to pay, so you should check your state’s funded rehab centers and see if it fits for your situation. Typically, all you need to qualify is have proof of residence, income status, legal residence in the US, and personal information on your addiction history. Each state has their own personal requirements, too, so check to see what else you need to bring to the table.

3. Other Payment Options

Finally, you may just need to take out a loan or put the payment on a credit card to pay later. With a sober life, you can become more stable and pay for the rehab treatment with ease once you have a reliable source of income.