Psychological Addiction

Addictions can be either physical or psychological. When a person is addicted to a drug, both of these subtypes of addiction are present. Psychological habits come from the impact that substances may have on the brain. Typically, they deal with the reward center of the brain. In many cases of addictive substances, the drug produces…

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Differences Between Crack and Cocaine

Cocaine is a dangerous drug that has caused untold damage to lives and families worldwide. For a long time. Cocaine was the purview of the rich and famous, but in the mid-80s, something changed for the worse. A new version of cocaine came onto the scene. Nicknamed crack, this version of the drug was cheaper…

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Can You Force Someone into Rehab?

Rehab is often thought of as a voluntary activity, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be voluntary. Sometimes the court or other legal representatives may consider forcing someone to go to rehab because it’s what’s best for them. The person sentenced to rehab this way might not have believed it otherwise. In other…

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Heroin Effects on The Mind & Body

Heroin Use Today Table of Contents Heroin Use Today Key Concepts in Opioid Addiction What Happens To Our Bodies When We Use Heroin? What are the Signs of a Heroin Addiction? What Are Some Side Effects Of Heroin? Here are some short-term effects of heroin abuse: What are the Long-Term Effects of Heroin Addiction? Here…

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10 Defeating Attitudes in Early Sobriety

Getting sober is one of, if not the hardest thing that us addicts will ever have to do. The journey to long term recovery is a hard one, often bumpy and filled with difficult personal and emotional challenges. Here are some thoughts and belief systems that commonly come up for us amongst early sobriety to…

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How to Travel Safely in Early Recovery

HOW TO TRAVEL SAFELY IN EARLY RECOVERY Table of Contents HOW TO TRAVEL SAFELY IN EARLY RECOVERY How to Avoid a Relapse for You or a Loved One Use a Sober Companion if Possible Schedule Accountability Calls Attend Meetings Along The Way Keep A List Of Phone Numbers In Your Wallet Or Purse Avoid places…

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What To Look For In A Substance Abuse Treatment Center

I have been in the treatment industry for 5 years now and one thing I have learned is that like most things, when looking into treatment options you are going to find both good and bad. I am writing this post so that you know what to look out for when deciding on treatment and…

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