Individualized Treatment Planning

Every individual comes to Pathfinders with a unique background and a different set of experiences regarding their drug or alcohol addiction. That’s why we use individualized treatment planning to create a rehabilitation program that fits every client’s needs. When entering our treatment facility, our clinical and medical team will perform an in depth evaluation in order to design an individualized treatment plan that will help you overcome your addiction.

Family Programs

Family programs are an important part of Pathfinder’s rehabilitation program because family members and loved ones of addicts are often most affected by the addiction. Our family programs allows drug and alcohol addicts to reconnect with members of their family who they may have lost touch with as a result of their addiction. Bringing families together through therapy sessions and group activities, our clients are able to gain a better understanding of how their addiction has impacted their loved ones.


Psychiatric Care

One of the biggest benefits to drug and alcohol rehabilitation is the psychiatric care that our clients have access to during treatment. Our highly trained psychiatrists work with clients on their emotional and behavioral problems that stem from substance abuse. With on site psychiatric care, clients have a safe place to discuss the many feelings that come with the recovery process.

Trauma Workshops

Most alcoholics and drug addicts have experienced significant trauma related to their substance abuse. Pathfinder’s trauma workshops allow clients to discuss with one another the hardships they have faced throughout their addiction. Trauma workshops also provide clients the tools they need to avoid future traumatic situations and skills to cope with the anxiety, fear and sadness resulting from trauma.

Medical Care

At Pathfinders, we have a qualified team of medical professionals who provide medical care to clients 24/7. Especially during early recovery, there can be physical symptoms associated with withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Medical care ensures that clients are safe during this transitional period, as they begin to implement a healthier lifestyle.

Dual Diagnosis/Co-occuring Disorders

Dual diagnosis is the term used when a drug or alcohol addiction occurs in addition to a mental health disorder. Often times these co-occuring disorders are not treated separately, but as one issue. Our rehabilitation program treats dual diagnosis by targeting the addiction and mental health disorder as individual issues. In doing so, we get to the root of the problem, resulting in long term success for both disorders.

Individual Therapy

Therapeutic techniques are a big part of our drug and alcohol treatment program. This includes individual therapy, where clients sit down one on one with our expert psychologists to discuss their emotions throughout the recovery process. Recovery is an emotional rollercoaster and having someone to talk through the process with can be beneficial in more ways than one.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a technique used to allow clients to sit down and discuss their experiences with others who have gone through similar struggles. It is easy to feel alone during recovery and we want to minimize this feeling as much as possible. Getting the chance to hear another recovering addict’s stories in group therapy is a great way to feel a connection to others.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/DBT

Another technique used to change unwanted behaviors in drug and alcohol addicts, cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients improve on behaviors as they relate to their addiction. Additionally, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that we use to address specific concerns about a person’s behaviors.

Somatic Experiencing

A holistic therapy technique, somatic experiencing allows our clients to cope with any past traumatic experiences. Helping overcome post-traumatic stress, our clinical team works through the emotions of the trauma that comes with addiction with somatic experiencing.


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