Post Treatment – Preventing Relapse


Post Treatment

Nearly 60% of individuals recovering from a drug addiction and 90% of those recovering from an alcohol addiction relapse. This can occur when addicts fall back into their old habits after treatment, reversing the progress that has been made. One of the biggest challenges facing men and women as they leave treatment is where to turn to afterwards. Going back to the same environment where the addiction began encourages people to continue drug use. While some may say that relapse is a part of recovery, it is important to remember that many have gotten sober on the first try. Having an effective plan for graduating treatment can be key to maintaining your sobriety.

Preventing relapse after treatment is a very important part of our addiction treatment plan. By offering aftercare options both with housing and therapy, Pathfinders Recovery Center helps its clients by continuously offering help even after they are out of our primary care.

Tips for Relapse Prevention

  • Create a detailed plan for when you leave treatment: Know where you’ll be living, working or furthering your education, etc.
  • Have a daily structure: Structure is key to help ease into life after treatment. Plan out every day so that you know what lies ahead.
  • Continue attending 12-Step Meetings: 12-Step Meetings and other sobriety programs can help you stay on the right path.
  • Find a support group: Whether it’s group therapy or friends and family that you feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings with, a support group can have a positive impact on your recovery.
  • Individual therapy: Continue therapy to help build on the progress made during treatment.
  • Reside in a safe, secure and controlled living environment: Living in a safe space allows those in recovery to stay focused on their new lifestyle without the distractions of an unhealthy home.
  • Avoid trigger situations: understand what, who, when and where may trigger a desire to begin using. By avoiding these
  • Exercise: Exercise releases dopamine to provide a pleasurable sensation while reducing the risk for cravings.

Sober Living Through Carla Vista


A key advantage to our after care plans is our client’s aftercare options available through Carla Vista Sober Living. After the 90 day phase of primary treatment, all clients will be able to move into sober living available through Carla Vista.

Carla Vista has found a recipe for others to rebuild their lives, based on what they have found most successful for recovery. After opening four homes across Arizona, in Chandler, Scottsdale, Mesa, and Gilbert, they stepped outside of the state to create safe spaces for people around the United States. Carla Vista now has homes in Las Vegas, Nevada, Omaha, Nebraska, Aurora and Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Grand Prairie, Texas. Each has been designed with the needs of the residents in every area in mind, so that every house feels like a home.

They have enjoyed expanding the Carla Vista family for the last 9 years, and are looking forward to serving their communities in the years to come.*

*Taken from the Carla Vista website