Outpatient Rehab in Colorado

Outpatient rehab in Colorado combines high-level addiction care with freedom and flexibility.

It allows you to attend drug or alcohol rehab while still living at home.

Unlike some of the more intensive rehab methods, this one allows you to keep your regular schedule intact. You can work or go to school during the day.

You can spend time with family or friends on the weekends.

You can fulfill your obligations and enjoy support at home while still getting the addiction care you need.

Our Pathfinders outpatient rehab in Colorado is the best place to achieve this balance.

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Seeking Addiction Care in Lakewood, Colorado

Just west of Denver, Lakewood offers some of the most incredible views of the Rocky Mountain’s foothills.

The Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre and Railroad Museum provide opportunities for wholesome and family-friendly adventures.

Sloan Lake and other beautiful bodies of water in the area open up the door to countless aquatic activities.

This is an ideal place for individuals and families alike to enjoy the great outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, and find peace inside and out.

Before or after outpatient rehab sessions and meetings each week, you have the freedom to enjoy this beautiful area.

You can spend time exploring with friends, family, and other members of your program.

Experiencing healthy activities and hobbies, building sober social networks, and enjoying peaceful surroundings will contribute to your recovery journey’s success.

Why wait another day to receive the care you need in a setting you will love?

Your journey to sobriety and healthy, happy life begins at Pathfinders.

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When to Attend Outpatient Rehab in Colorado

Outpatient care of any kind typically comes after you complete an inpatient or residential program. It acts as a natural stepping stone between 24-hour inpatient care and 24-hour freedom at home. But if you have a milder, singular addiction, do not require a medical detox, or do not want to leave a strong support system at home, starting with outpatient rehab can be just as beneficial. More stubborn addictions, multiple addictions, and underlying mental health conditions may require additional attention. We will work with you to find a flexible care program that works best for your unique needs.


Outpatient Drug Rehab

There are many different drug addictions that may lead you to our outpatient rehab in Colorado. We help many patients work through addictions to heroin, prescription pills, and methamphetamine. These are some of the most common addictions in this area and many others. Prescription painkillers are easy to abuse and highly addictive. Many people do not know that prescription opioid abuse and addiction have a strong link to heroin addiction.

In studies of this link, almost 80% of heroin users stated that they had used prescription opioids first. We can help with these common addictions and several others. The long-term risks and complications involved in drug addiction are not things that you are stuck living with. You have everything you need to fight through and overcome your addiction, and we have the tools, knowledge, and resources to get you on track and keep you there moving forward.


Outpatient Rehab in Colorado Pathfinders - A man sits with his head down on the bar as his left hand holds the neck of a bottle of alcohol next to his head as a shot glass sits next to him.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

In many places, alcohol is the most commonly abused substance. Because it is a widely normalized substance, this addiction is one that often goes ignored. Another factor that makes it difficult to approach is that alcoholism is widely genetic. It tends to run in families. You may have trouble admitting you have a problem if you have watched others ignore the same problems in the past. But what you see on the surface may not be the full reality. The problems, complications, and health impacts of alcoholism can only be hidden for so long.

Alcohol is involved in countless driving fatalities, accidents, homicides, suicides, and crimes each year. The risk of exposing your addiction will always be easier to deal with than the danger of hiding it. Alcoholism is a chronic disease. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Overcoming these self-destructive thoughts can change your life. While altering your existing thought patterns and behaviors can be challenging, our rehab treatments can make it easier.


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Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Whether you are seeking outpatient rehab in Colorado for drugs or alcohol, remaining in treatment for the right amount of time is crucial. Attending evening or weekend rehab averages less than 10 hours per week. You will experience a set schedule complete with counseling or therapy sessions, support groups, and addiction management training in this amount of time. You will receive support and guidance throughout your time here before returning home. Experts in addiction health recommend a minimum of three months of treatment when working to end the cycle of substance abuse. We will help you determine the right amount of time and the right programs for you based on your unique set of circumstances.

Your outpatient rehab in Colorado will likely include:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Family or group therapy sessions
  • Lifestyle, financial, and addiction management training
  • Support group meetings
  • Alumni and other recovery programs


Outpatient Rehab in Colorado Pathfinders - A recovery addict sits with a therapist to go over their goals and decide what level of care should be the next step.

Aftercare Planning and Services

During your outpatient program, we will help you monitor your progress and decide what comes next. This is the best way to ensure that we are always giving you exactly what you need. When you choose Pathfinders, you never have to walk alone. As you work through your treatment, we will work through it with you. Be patient and remember that sobriety is a long-term goal and long-term goals require long-term efforts. And remember that your addiction care and guidance does not have to end when your outpatient program does. It ends when you are ready to manage your sobriety on your terms at home. We offer aftercare programs and services that will provide you with continued care for as long as you need it, whether that is an extra few months or several years.


Paying for Outpatient Rehab in Colorado

Paying for outpatient rehab in Colorado is one of the biggest challenges that patients cite as a way to avoid getting help with their addiction. Many people do not know that most major health insurance providers offer coverage for substance abuse programs. And our Pathfinders facility in Lakewood, Colorado, accepts payments from most major health insurance providers. If you are unsure of what your provider will cover, call our addiction specialist today. They will verify your insurance coverage for you, so there is one thing standing between you and your rehab program. If you do not have insurance, we are happy to discuss alternative options. Costs should not prevent you from getting the addiction care you need and deserve. Commit to this decision that may change the rest of your life.


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Pathfinders’ Outpatient Rehab in Colorado

Attending outpatient rehab in Colorado is an excellent way to address and overcome your drug or alcohol addiction.

With countless opportunities for recreational activities, healthy outdoor activities, and exciting sober socialization, it is easy to find peace and clarity right here.

We will meet you where you are in your journey, combining care and flexibility to give you the care you need and deserve.

Why wait another day? Call today to get started.


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