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President, Founder

Lucas M Walton, SEP grew up in New Jersey, right on the coast. During his teen and adult life Lucas suffered from an active heroin addiction, as well as alcohol and other drug dependencies. Since acquiring sustainable sobriety Lucas has worked in the field of addiction as a Trauma Specialist. Lucas is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, his driving force is to help the addicted population begin to recognize that another way of life is not only possible, but with the right help; right around the corner. Lucas is an advocate for the belief that becoming sober does not mean to give up yourself. He believes that for the first time in your life you acquire the capacity for unadulterated choice and from there get to find your authentic self. Lucas has seen and experienced the depths of destruction that are coupled with addiction on a personal, family systemic, social, and societal level.

“I have direct family members and friends who have died due to this disease.”

He sits on the executive committee for the organization AzRHA where he helps to give perspective, and education for the fair and safe regulation of sober living environments for the addicted population throughout the state of Arizona. Lucas attends regular focus groups, and seminars and has a passion for continued education for himself, all Pathfinders Recovery Center Staff, Pathfinders Alumni, the patients, and their families.

“My driving force in life is to help addicts understand that; you don’t know your suffering, until you suffer less.”

Contact Lucas

Phone: (855) 728-4363
Address: 7600 E. Redfield Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona