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Director Of Operations, Founder

Lawrence Briggs is a Professional Consultant specializing in Substance Abuse and Mental Health. After two years in the mental health respite care industry, he began a career in addiction treatment in 2010 as an entry level housing technician. Quickly climbing the ranks within the esteemed company, he worked for Lawrence was promoted to Lead Medical Coordinator in just three months. This role carried administrative responsibilities in addition to training and coaching staff, handling highly sensitive confidential records, and patient medication management. Shortly thereafter his role was expanded to include intake and discharge of patients as well as counseling duties in both the facilitation of clinical groups and individual sessions.

In 2014 Lawrence opened his own business, a treatment center and sober living network. Using his passion for helping others and knowledge of the industry, he continued his personal development and worked to learn every facet of the administrative side of the industry as well as how to successfully open and operate a substance abuse treatment center from the ground up. After learning he was going to have his first child in 2015, Lawrence decided to sell his shares of the company and relocate to Phoenix to live near his family.

Lawrence and his partners have found great success in assisting their clients with establishing sobriety, engineering a new standard of living, reducing relapse and cravings, maximizing potential, and identifying areas and opportunities to achieve optimal success. Lawrence believes this is best achieved by his mission statement in both his personal and professional life, “You can have anything you want in this world by simply showing others how to get what they want.”

Contact Lawrence

Phone: (855) 728-4363
Address: 7600 E. Redfield Rd, Scottsdale, AZ