Looking for “outpatient rehabs near me” is sometimes the most effective choice for treating addiction.

Choosing to seek rehabilitation is difficult to make.

Having to determine what type of rehab to attend makes the decision even more complicated.

Rehabilitation, whether residential rehab or outpatient rehab, is an effective and common form of treatment for addiction.

Read on for information about how to choose whether you attend inpatient or outpatient rehab.

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About Outpatient Rehabs Near Me

While both are very constructive options for rehab, inpatient and outpatient programs have essential differences.

Outpatient rehab allows patients to continue living at home as they attend therapy for addiction, while inpatient rehab involves patients remaining as residents at the rehab facility.

Many patients prefer to attend outpatient rehab because of its added flexibility.

Still, the right choice of rehab type is different depending on multiple factors: the severity of the patient’s addiction, the familial and living situation of the patient, and the patient’s health.

Understanding that there are options to make your recovery as comfortable as possible is a significant factor in accepting the help you need.

Some outpatient rehabs near me offer various degrees of intensity in their treatments, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Although they are sometimes quite helpful, low-intensity programs may not offer much more than education on addiction.

While knowledge of addiction and education about recovery is beneficial to many patients, more severe addictions often require more intense treatment than these programs offer.

When considering outpatient rehab, make sure to remember that treatment may not be as all-encompassing as other program options.

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Understanding Outpatient vs. Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient rehab is an excellent option for patients whose drug or alcohol addiction is severe or do not have demanding jobs or home lives. Residential rehabilitation centers holding a license to practice offer inpatient rehab. While short-term programs do exist, standard inpatient rehab usually lasts from 6-12 months.

There is a community-centered feel to inpatient rehab, as patients live with helpful doctors and people who struggle with the same issues. For some patients, this aspect of the community draws them to inpatient rehab and helps them know that recovery is possible. You can find more information on inpatient rehab from the NIDA here.

Licensed outpatient treatment centers offer outpatient rehab during the day. Patients come in multiple times a week but do not live at the rehab facility. Treatment at outpatient rehab includes individual or group counseling.

Patients typically participate in behavioral treatments such as the following, according to the NIDA:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Patients learn to recognize and cope with compulsive addiction situations.
  • Multidimensional Family Therapy: Adolescents attend therapy with their families to improve family dynamic and address drug abuse issues.
  • Motivational Interviewing: This utilizes the motivation of patients for a drug-free life.
  • Motivational Incentives: This uses positive reinforcement to encourage drug or alcohol abstinence.

Patients may continue outpatient rehab for prolonged amounts of time if necessary. Outpatient rehab often starts intensely, with patients attending therapy multiple days a week. Over time, sessions become short if patients find that their recovery journey is going well.

Though outpatient rehab is an excellent choice for patients whose drug or alcohol addiction is more manageable, it is not always the best choice for severe addictions. If you or someone you love suffers from a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should attend some inpatient therapy.

Because patients are residents of inpatient therapy centers, there is less temptation to relapse. Spending time in an inpatient setting allows patients to adjust to living without drugs or alcohol and establish positive abstinence strategies. In-depth therapy is offered at inpatient centers, helping patients understand why their addiction formed in the first place and the steps that will allow them to overcome it.

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Effects of Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction and substance abuse are epidemics in America and around the world. Addiction affects millions of Americans, changing, and sometimes even threatening their lives. Outpatient treatment near me helps treat those who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol and lead them toward recovery.

Knowledge about the effects of addiction helps friends and family members stay informed about their loved ones’ addictions. If you think you may suffer from addiction to drugs, it is also essential to be knowledgeable about possible effects so you can seek treatment if and when they do occur.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol causes serious health risks, both short and long-term. Long-term issues with drug addiction, according to the NIDA, include increased risk of lung disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, or mental illness.

People who use drugs are also at an increased risk of contracting infections or diseases like hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. Alcohol addiction sometimes causes adverse effects in the brain, heart, liver, and pancreas, as stated by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

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Mental Illness and Outpatient Rehabs Near Me

Addiction does not only affect the body in short and long-term situations; it also very common for addiction to adversely affect the mind. People who experience substance abuse and addiction issues are also more likely to struggle with mental health issues.

While it is not clear why this occurs, some people with mental health issues may seek out drugs or alcohol to avoid their illness. Drugs and alcohol often seem like an escape, but the effects of mental illness often worsen if addiction forms. If you or someone your loved one struggles with both mental illness and addiction, they should receive treatment for these issues together.

Some outpatient treatment centers offer treatment for both mental illness and addiction. If one or both of these issues is severe, the patient should receive more in-depth treatment at an inpatient center. However, if the patient’s mental health and addiction are relatively manageable, outpatient therapy is a safe and effective choice.

Is Outpatient Rehab Right For You? Pathfinders Recovery Center - An individual who searched "outpatient rehabs near me," is meeting with an addiction specialist to determine if inpatient or outpatient rehab is the right choice for their level of substance abuse or addiction.

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Payment for Treatment at Outpatient Rehabs Near Me

Our company supplies prospective patients with free insurance verification to help deal with the complicated process of paying for treatment.

Financing treatment at outpatient rehabs near me sometimes seems like just one more problem to add to addiction’s burdensome issue.

We understand that this is not an easy process.

But it is important to remember that our outpatient treatment centers are as dedicated as possible to our patients’ recovery.

Though we wish that recovery was a guarantee, relapse is a common issue for those suffering from addiction to face.

However, we want to stress that relapse does not always mean that treatment has not helped and will not continue to help.

Recovery is possible after relapse, especially if patients continue rehabilitation.

For many, relapse is simply an unfortunate but necessary step in the recovery process.

Remember that you are capable of overcoming addiction.

Take a chance on an addiction-free life by contacting us today about whether outpatient treatment centers are right for you.

Our expert physicians and staff are capable of helping you decide which type of rehabilitation fits you best.

We understand how difficult addiction is and promise to supply you with the skills you need for recovery.

Reach out today for more information on outpatient rehabs near me.


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