Intensive Outpatient Program in Colorado – A Unique Level of Help for Addiction

If you suffer from serious substance problems, your best bet for treatment may be an intensive outpatient program or IOP in Colorado.

Programs in this category provide a unique level of assistance for drug and alcohol issues.

This assistance may help you recover without enrolling in inpatient rehab.

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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program in Colorado?

IOPs get their name because they provide a higher level of care than regular outpatient programs.

While enrolled in your intensive program, you’ll receive treatment at your facility multiple days of the week.

Each night after treatment, you will return to your home.

There are Colorado IOPs for both alcohol and drug/medication problems.

Each type of program shares a core set of guidelines.

These guidelines cover the amount of care you receive each week.

All IOPs provide nine to 19 hours of weekly treatment.

Any program you enter will fall into this broad range.

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Additional Standards for Intensive Outpatient Programs

There are also other intensive outpatient program requirements in Colorado.

The majority of these requirements are designed to give you the maximum benefit from your time in care. Their specific goals include:

  • Making total sobriety your goal in drug or alcohol rehab
  • Customizing all aspects of your IOP drug or alcohol treatment
  • Using science-based methods to treat your drug or alcohol problems
  • Bringing your friends and family on board to help you recover your sobriety
  • Helping you get the most out of your relationship with your doctor and therapist
  • Showing you how to add self-help groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to your recovery efforts


Drug and alcohol IOPs also share more general standards. Examples here include:

  • Making IOPs more available to society as a whole
  • Helping people understand the value of IOPs in addiction recovery
  • Reducing the difficulty of finding and enrolling in an IOP


Intensive Outpatient Program Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab in Colorado


Intensive Outpatient Program Curriculum in Colorado

The science-based treatment curriculum for Colorado IOPs includes two broad categories.

The first category features a group of psychotherapy techniques called behavioral therapies.

The second category features medications for various types of addiction.

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IOP Behavioral Therapy

Colorado drug and alcohol IOPs make heavy use of behavioral therapy. That is because behavioral techniques can benefit you in many different ways.

For example, the right treatment plan can help you understand how you got involved in substance abuse.

It can also help you see how certain thoughts and behaviors make you more likely to use drugs or alcohol. Other benefits of IOP behavioral therapy include:

  • Ability to think clearly when it comes to substance use
  • To behave in ways that help you avoid substance use
  • To keep your stress levels under control
  • Ability to process your emotions
  • A desire to stay sober
  • To play an active role in your recovery
  • A better understanding of why self-help groups are important


Two main things determine your therapy options. First, your doctor will look at personal details in your substance use history.

Your doctor will also pay attention to your specific form of addiction.
This second factor is important because therapists use different options to treat different types of addiction.

Depending on your situation, therapy options may include things such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Family behavior therapy
  • Community reinforcement


Teenagers in IOPs may receive other types of behavioral care. The main example here is multidimensional family therapy.

Ask your doctor which types of therapy may play a role in your treatment.
Most of the therapy in Pathfinders IOPs takes place in group sessions.

However, your plan may also include one-on-one therapy.


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IOP Medication

An intensive outpatient program for alcohol here in Colorado will probably include medication.

You may also receive medication as part of your drug rehab treatment for opioid addiction.

Alcohol rehab IOP medication options include naltrexone, disulfiram and acamprosate. Doctors use each of these options for different reasons.

For example, naltrexone helps prevent alcohol from reaching your brain. It also reduces your urge to keep drinking.

Disulfiram helps you avoid alcohol by producing unpleasant side effects when you drink.

Acamprosate helps to “reset” your brain as you recover from addiction.


Medication Options for IOP Opioid Recovery

Medication options for IOP opioid recovery include naltrexone, buprenorphine and methadone. As with alcohol, naltrexone helps stop opioids from reaching your brain.

Buprenorphine and methadone help reduce your cravings for opioids. They do this by acting as short-term opioid substitutes that are safer for you to use.


When Should You Consider an Intensive Outpatient Program in Colorado?

IOPs are for people with serious substance problems. Specifically, you must have problems that need more help than a regular outpatient program can give.

On the other hand, those problems shouldn’t be bad enough for you to enroll in an inpatient program. Many people enroll in Pathfinders Colorado IOPs because they suffer from addiction.

Other participants are not addicted but suffer from serious substance abuse. In addition, many participants have problems related to both addiction and abuse.

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Length of Your Intensive Outpatient Program in Colorado

How should you plan your intensive outpatient program schedule in Colorado? That is difficult to say in advance. Why? Because not everyone in IOPs requires the same kind of treatment.

In addition, not everyone responds to treatment at the same speed. As a general rule, plan on spending about 90 days in your IOP.

Depending on your level of addiction you may end up spending far less time in treatment. Some people may also be enrolled for quite a bit longer.

Remember, all people are different and have different needs. Ask your doctor for more information on this important subject.


Intensive Outpatient Programs Near You in Colorado

At Pathfinders In Colorado, you will find a variety of drug and alcohol IOP rehabs treatment programs. You should know that not all intensive outpatient programs are exactly the same.

For example, rehabs in your area may have locations dedicated only to outpatient care. In contrast, they may offer IOPs and inpatient care at a different location.

At Pathfinders, we offer all levels of care which makes it easy for you to move from one level to another as you achieve your goals.


Payment for Your Intensive Outpatient Program in Colorado

What are your possible options for paying for your Colorado IOP? That depends on personal circumstances. It is common to have an insurance plan that includes benefits for substance treatment.

Call and let our insurance verification team work with your insurance company to find the exact benefits they offer you. However, people who need IOP care may not have insurance.

We are sensitive to the needs of people without health coverage. We can help you afford your care through other means, including staggered payments and payment plans.


Intensive Outpatient Programs in Colorado at Pathfinders

Drug and alcohol IOPs offer a specific level of care for substance problems. The definition of intensive outpatient programs in Colorado covers the amount of weekly treatment you receive.

The low end of the treatment range is nine hours a week, and the high is 19. Top IOPs also follow nationwide standards for evidence-based treatment.

That treatment can come in the form of behavioral therapy and/or medication. IOPs occupy a middle ground between regular outpatient care and inpatient care.

That is an important fact to remember. Without IOPs, many people would receive too much or too little help during their substance recovery.


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Customized Care in Your Intensive Outpatient Program

While enrolled in your IOP at Pathfinders, you will receive customized care for our Intensive Outpatient Programs in Colorado.

This treatment should support every effort to remain sober and substance-free. Many people get the help they need at private IOPs like Pathfinders.

In either case, you will need to devote time to your treatment. Ninety days is a good starting point for most people. However, you may need less time in treatment. Some people need more.

We work with you to determine the right level for you. We do not use set schedules or treatment plans.

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