IOP Drug Rehab in Colorado

To recover from drug problems, consider enrolling in an intensive outpatient program or IOP drug rehab in Colorado.

IOPs offer vital assistance for people who do not need to join an inpatient program.

This assistance may be just what you need to bring the cycle of drug abuse to a halt.

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What Is an Intensive Outpatient Drug Rehab Program in Colorado?

Intensive outpatient drug rehab provides extensive outpatient care for people dealing with drug abuse and addiction.

This type of program does not require you to live at our facility.

However, it does require you to make frequent visits to the drug rehab center for treatment.

All drug IOPs require you to receive a certain amount of treatment during your visits.

The least amount of help provided by this level of treatment is nine hours a week.

Some IOPs will require you to receive up to 19 hours of weekly treatment.

These standards apply to all programs in Colorado and across the country.

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Additional Standards for Drug IOPs

In addition to meeting time standards, our drug rehab IOPs follow other important guidelines.

Most of these rules are directed at increasing the quality of your addiction treatment. Examples include:

  • Creating custom treatment plans for all participants
  • Requiring that all treatments have a basis in scientific fact
  • Emphasizing drug abstinence as the measure of successful treatment
  • Adding a self-help group to your overall recovery plan
  • Asking family and friends to actively participate in your recovery
  • Emphasizing strong, positive relationships between you and your caregivers


There are also rules designed to:

  • Make more people aware of the value of IOPs
  • Make it easier for you to understand how to enroll in an IOP
  • Widen IOP access to more of the people who need this form of care


Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab Curriculum in Colorado

The best Colorado drug IOPs maintain the highest possible standard of care.

That includes using a treatment curriculum that only uses proven methods to help you recover.

The list of proven methods includes many types of behavioral therapy. It also includes a number of medications.

Intensive Outpatient Program IOP Drug Rehab in Colorado Pathfinders

IOP Behavioral Therapy for Drug Rehab

All quality IOP drug rehabs rely heavily on behavioral therapy as a treatment option. This type of therapy is an active process. It asks you to do such things as:

  • Recognize damaging behaviors that support drug use
  • Develop new behaviors that help you avoid using drugs
  • Recognize damaging ways of thinking that support drug use
  • Develop new ways of thinking that help you avoid using drugs
  • Improve your level of cooperation with your IOP treatment plan
  • Consider furthering your recovery by joining a self-help group
  • Take part in stress management activities
  • Improve your ability to deal with strong emotions


Over the years, experts have developed specific kinds of therapy for each type of drug/medication addiction.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, The Matrix Model and Others

For example, people addicted to stimulants may receive a type of treatment called CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. They may also participate in a second therapy called The Matrix Model.

The therapy options for people addicted to opioids include a technique called community reinforcement. They also include another option called contingency management.

In addition, you may take part in a third type of therapy called 12-step facilitation. Certain types of therapy can be used to treat any form of addiction.

One example here is family behavior therapy. You may also take part in couples counseling. You can undergo therapy by yourself or with other people.

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Group Therapy and One on One Sessions

As a rule, IOPs favor group therapy over one-on-one sessions. That is true for a number of reasons. First, people in outpatient programs can benefit from the extra social contact of group therapy.

They can also benefit from the added structure to their daily lives. In addition, they can benefit from seeing therapists interact with other participants.

You will probably also receive some individual therapy during your time in your IOP.


IOP Medication for Drug Rehab

Medication does not play a big role in most IOP drug treatment plans. However, it does play a role in treating opioid addiction.

If you are addicted to opioids, your doctor may prescribe any of four medications. That includes:

  • Naltrexone – a medication that stops you from getting “high” by protecting your brain from opioids
  • Methadone – a medication that provides temporary relief from your opioid cravings
  • Buprenorphine – a second medication used to ease opioid cravings
  • Naloxone – an opioid blocker sometimes given along with buprenorphine


Who Can Enter an Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab in Colorado?

While IOPs do not have admission rules set in stone, they do work best for certain people and levels of addiction. For example, you may need an IOP for moderate or severe drug problems.

That is true if your doctor determines you don’t need an inpatient program. Your doctor must also determine that you will not get the help you need in a regular outpatient program.

Your substance problems may include symptoms of drug or medication addiction. They may also include symptoms of harmful, non-addicted drug/medication abuse.

In addition, you may have overlapping symptoms of both conditions.
When you first start treatment, your doctor may recommend an IOP.

However, you can also enter this kind of program in other ways. For example, you might move into an IOP as a follow-up to inpatient rehab. You also might enroll in one if you do not improve in a regular outpatient program.


What is the Duration of Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab in Colorado?

There is no specific intensive outpatient program drug rehab schedule in Colorado. Instead, the length of stay varies from person to person.

It is common to spend about three months in treatment. However, some people complete their programs in a shorter amount of time. In addition, some people require more time to meet their treatment goals.

No one can say upfront how long it will take you to complete your IOP. Still, your doctor can give you a rough estimate that takes your personal situation into account.


Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab Near Me in Colorado

Colorado is home to a variety of drug rehab IOPs. Many of these programs take place in private facilities like Pathfinders.

Drug rehabs also differ in how they set up their IOPs. Some rehabs only offer outpatient care. Others maintain separate programs for outpatient and inpatient care.

You can recover in any of these settings, as long as your IOP maintains high treatment standards. We offer all levels of treatment this makes it easier when you are ready to transition from one level to another.


Paying for Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab in Colorado

How can you pay for your substance abuse intensive outpatient program in Colorado? Most people have three options available: health insurance plans, credit payments and cash payments.

If you have insurance, check to see if your policy will cover all or part of your treatment. If you don’t have insurance, make sure your program will let you use credit or cash to pay in installments.

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Intensive Outpatient Program Drug Rehab in Colorado at Pathfinders

There are several parts to the definition of intensive outpatient program drug rehab in Colorado. First, IOPs must provide you with nine to 19 hours of treatment each week.

They must also follow guidelines designed to boost your chances of succeeding in your program. To enter an IOP, you should not have problems that call for inpatient drug treatment.

At the same time, you must need a level of care that regular outpatient treatment cannot provide. Behavioral therapy is by far the most common option in Colorado drug rehab IOPs.

Your doctor can match the therapy you receive to your specific needs. If you are addicted to opioids, your plan may also include one or more medication options.

Three months is a typical amount of time for completing a drug rehab IOP.

However, some people require less time or more time to reach their goals.

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