With the Right Program You can Recover in Either Setting

If you are seeking treatment for substance problems, you have a choice of instate vs. out-of-state rehab. There are advantages to both of these options. However, as long as you find a high-quality rehab program, you can recover in either setting. What works best for you will depend on details of your personal situations. Here are some of the things to consider when picking one option over the other.

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Are There Alcohol Rehabs Near Me?

Not all rehabs treat all forms of addiction. Some programs focus on dealing with drug-related problems. Others focus on dealing with alcohol problems. Why? Because the methods used to treat drug addiction often differ from the methods used to treat alcoholism.

If you need help for alcohol problems, you need a program that knows how to address these problems. Common treatments for alcoholism include three medications:

  • Disulfiram
  • Naltrexone
  • Acamprosate


They also include several forms of behavioral psychotherapy.

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Local Rehab Programs

If you live in a major urban area, chances are you will find a number of alcohol rehabs near you. If you live near these kinds of facilities, you might have an easy time finding one that fits your needs. However, not everyone lives in an area with lots of local rehab programs. So you go back to instate vs. out-of-state rehab. That is often the case for people who live in more rural areas. In these situations, your closest option for quality care might be an out-of-state rehab.

Are There Drug Rehabs Near Me?

People with drug problems need treatment that addresses these issues. Behavioral therapy is the most widely used form of drug rehab treatment. Some of these therapies are the same as those used for people with alcoholism. However, some of them are quite different.

Medication plays a big part in the treatment of one specific drug problem: opioid addiction. However, it does not play a role in treating most other drug problems. That is true because not many medications are proven to help people affected by drug addiction.

As with alcohol rehab, you have a better chance of finding an appropriate drug rehab if you live in an urban area. If you cannot find suitable local programs, you may want to look at your out-of-state options.

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Do You Need Inpatient Rehab?

Rehab programs also differ in other ways. Some programs, called outpatient rehabs, let you live at home and make regular visits for treatment. Other programs, called inpatient rehabs, require you to live onsite while receiving treatment.

Which type of program do you need and should you go to instate vs. out-of-state rehab? That depends largely on the seriousness of your substance problems. People with relatively mild or moderate addiction symptoms often get better in outpatient rehab. However, if you are suffering from more severe symptoms, you may need inpatient rehab.

Why? As a rule, inpatient programs provide more weekly treatment than outpatient programs. They also provide easy access to medical care for all participants. In addition, inpatient programs provide a stable recovery environment that allows you to focus on getting better.

Many people have access to high-quality, local inpatient substance rehabs. However, not everyone does. If you do not have top-notch inpatient programs in your area, you may want to keep your out-of-state options in mind.

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Other Factors in Instate Vs. Out-of-State Rehab

The Types of Outpatient Programs In Your Area

There are several types of drug and alcohol outpatient rehab. Your potential options include:

  • Standard outpatient programs
  • IOPs or Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • PHPs or Partial Hospitalization Programs


Each type of program is meant for people in certain circumstances. For example, if you have mild addiction symptoms and no additional issues, you may do best in a standard outpatient program. If you have significant but stable, mental, or physical health problems, you may need to enroll in an IOP. If you have significant, unstable mental or physical health problems, you may need to enroll in a PHP.

It is probably easiest to find a standard outpatient alcohol rehab near you. However, if you need an IOP or a PHP, you may have more limited options. You may also have no local options at all. In these situations, an out-of-state program may be your best bet.

The Need for Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is a term that describes overlapping symptoms of substance addiction and mental illness. Unfortunately, millions of Americans suffer from the effects of these combined problems. If you are affected by dual diagnosis, you typically need more treatment than people only dealing with addiction. You also typically need more treatment than people only dealing with mental illness.

Why is this the case? A dual diagnosis treatment plan must address your addiction symptoms. It must also address your symptoms of mental illness. If you do not get help for drug or alcohol problems, you’ll have a far harder time recovering from mental illness. The same holds true in reverse. If you do not get help for mental illness, you will have a much harder time recovering from addiction.

You may find effective dual diagnosis care in rehab centers near you. You may also find it in local mental health centers. However, if your area lacks resources for dual diagnosis treatment, you may need to go out-of-state to recover.

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The Importance of Privacy

Privacy means a lot to most people enrolled in substance rehab. For this reason, rehab programs generally do everything they can to meet your needs for anonymity. However, even with these protections in place, some people want more.

For this reason, they may choose an out-of-state program rather than an in-state program. When going through rehab out-of-state, you likely have much smaller odds of being recognized by anyone. Depending on your situation, this extra layer of privacy may be just what you desire.

The Importance of Luxury and Convenience

Rehab programs in your area may offer varying levels of luxury and convenience. Some programs help you get better in fairly basic surroundings. Others combine their core addiction services with a luxury approach. If luxury is important to you, you might not find what you need among your local rehab options. If that’s the case, you may want to look at the options available here at Pathfinders.

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Find Out More About Instate Vs. Out-of-State Rehab

Most sizable urban areas have plentiful services for substance rehab. You may also live in a less populated region with suitable addiction services. However, if you do not find what you need locally, you can always look at our rehab options.

Several factors can influence your decision on instate vs. out-of-state rehabs. These factors include:

  • The availability of suitable alcohol rehabs
  • If there are suitable drug rehabs
  • Whether or not you need inpatient addiction treatment
  • The types of outpatient programs available in your area


They also include the presence or absence of a dual diagnosis. If you are affected by the dual diagnosis, you have an extensive need for treatment services. That includes services for both your addiction symptoms and your mental illness symptoms. To recover from a dual diagnosis, you must get all of your treatment needs to be met. Otherwise, you significantly reduce your chances of regaining a sense of well-being.

You also may have other considerations than just instate vs. out-of-state rehab. For example, you may want to do everything you can to protect your privacy while in substance treatment. In addition, you may want to recover in a luxury facility that provides both effective treatment and plenty of perks. To meet these personal requirements, you may or may not need to travel out-of-state.

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