Understanding The Financial Impact of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse creates a lot of self-inflicted issues for the addict. In this article, I will help you understand the emotional, physical, and financial damage done by addiction. Through my cocaine addiction, I threw away relationships and opportunities that I will never get back. I also threw away a lot of money, which you will better understand when you know the answer to how much is a gram of cocaine.

My cocaine use was so drastic, that by the time I entered recovery at Pathfinders, I was nursing a three-hundred-dollar-a-day addiction. I found that even though I was stealing from other people to fund my drug abuse, I didn’t feel bad about it. The only thing I cared about was the drug, and I would get it by any means necessary.

Drug use is a crippling scenario no matter what addiction you have. I began smoking crack cocaine in my late teens and continued using cocaine through my entire twenties. When you have an addiction to a drug like cocaine, the purity levels will always vary. I’ve had cocaine that was so cut it barely had any cocaine in it.

Keep reading to find out more about my own descent into cocaine addiction, and how Pathfinders Recovery can help you launch your own recovery journey!

How Drug Prices Shape Your Addiction

When you have as fierce of a crack cocaine addiction as I did, you will do anything to finance it. The street prices for drugs can change depending on the drug. Some drugs are much more expensive. The street prices of opiates have skyrocketed in recent years, but drugs like crystal meth, heroin, and crack cocaine are usually much cheaper.

One of the reasons crack cocaine became such a popular drug in the 1980s is because of the price. Powder cocaine is typically a more luxurious drug. People will pay big money for a single gram of coke. A common price for one single gram of cocaine is around a hundred dollars these days. The market is different depending on multiple factors.

Depending on where you live, availability plays a big role in street prices. Cocaine prices can be hard to determine based on multiple factors. If you live closer to a country like Mexico, cocaine is usually cheaper. If you live further north, you will probably be paying a bit more because there is less supply.

The Varying Degree Of Cocaine Prices

The Varying Degree Of Cocaine Prices

The quality is also something to consider. Because cocaine is normally sold in powder form, it’s easy to cut with other drugs. Depending on the source, you won’t be able to know what you’re ingesting until you ingest it. The supply is always deceiving.

When you have a high level of cocaine addiction, you’re typically not getting it from one place. I had multiple dealer numbers on my phone, and they were all my lifeline. When I began using crack cocaine, the street price was around forty of fifty dollars for one gram.

Sometimes, if there was less crack available on the street, the price would be between sixty and eighty dollars a gram. Because an addiction to crack cocaine is so intense, you will pay whatever you need to. I’ve overpaid for cocaine at many points and didn’t even think twice about it.

The Relationship Between Crack Cocaine and Crime

Because cocaine prices can vary, you will do whatever you have to do to get high. I can remember a long period during my addiction when there was less availability of cocaine in my neighborhood. The law enforcement officials in my town had really cracked down on the amount of cocaine coming in, so it was harder to attain.

The sources that I had were arrested and taken off the street. By this point, I was already spending several hundred dollars a week to fund my habit. I was taking crack cocaine every hour. I was using it with more frequency, but I wasn’t getting any higher. My tolerance level was so high that I needed more and more crack to get the feeling I required.

When you have a bad drug addiction, you are only thinking in the short term. Long-term consequences don’t come into play. Very often you will engage in petty crime to fund your addiction. I began committing burglary in order to fund my crack habit. Life on the streets is cutthroat. I was willing to risk decades behind bars in order to continue to get high on a regular basis.

How To Curb Drug Addiction

How To Curb Drug Addiction

I finally had a moment of clarity when I was arrested. I had stolen over a thousand dollars of merchandise from a nearby business over the course of a year, and I was caught red-handed. I was given the opportunity to go to recovery or face years in prison. I considered my options and realized that this could end up being an effective way for me to get clean.

My crack addiction had destroyed me financially. I would spend up to fifty dollars for one gram of crack, and smoke it all within two hours. When your addiction is at a level as high as mine, it isn’t crazy to smoke three hundred dollars worth of crack in one day and still want more. Inflation, demand, high tolerance, and other factors will make you spend whatever you need to spend to get high.

The percentage of people who recover from crack addiction is low. It’s such an intense drug that it takes extreme methods to get clean. My crack addiction continued to increase even when I knew it was ravaging my body and mind. I overdosed multiple times, yet the drug still had a massive grip on me. In the USA, cocaine is responsible for one in five overdose deaths.

Relapse Doesn’t Have To Be The End Of Your Story

When I finally entered recovery, I was still in crack mode. I didn’t really want to involve myself in treatment. All I wanted to do was break out and call my dealer. I already knew the dangers associated with my drug abuse, but I did not care. I wasn’t making any progress.

I didn’t want to give up my drug use. In the past year, I made the decision that I was going to use crack until I died. I didn’t have any interest in getting clean. I relapsed soon after my initial treatment, and it would be another six months before I gave recovery another shot. I got to a point where I finally couldn’t stand it anymore.

The increase in the price of the drug, my high tolerance, and the overall hopelessness of my situation finally made me break. My cocaine use had broken my mind and my spirit. I finally decided to seek help, and at this point, I was actually doing it for myself. I wasn’t doing it so I could avoid jail time. I wanted to get clean once and for all.

This is the mindset you must have when you try to get clean. You aren’t going to get clean for anyone else but yourself. You have to make up your mind that you are sick and tired, and you are ready to put in the work required to achieve sobriety.

Embrace Your Journey of Cocaine Recovery

Embrace Your Journey of Cocaine Recovery

The cost of my habit had led me to do unthinkable things to other people. I truly felt like I had sold my soul in order to continue my addiction. It was a horrible feeling when I finally came to this realization. Drugs are always going to be a part of your past, and it’s wise to embrace that and use it in your recovery journey. You can’t shy away from the past.

I’ve since run into a couple of law enforcement officials who had at one time arrested me, and it was a unique reunion. They told me they didn’t think I would live to see forty. They told me I was one of the worst users they had ever encountered, and it gave them a lot of hope to see my work through recovery.

It’s moments like this that make it all worth it for me. I now speak to groups of young people about the dangers of addiction, and I take this position very seriously. I can’t prevent someone from using drugs. It’s up to the individual to make that choice. What I can do, however, is let people know the consequences. Doing that makes me feel like my journey was all worth it.

Save Money on Cocaine the Right Way: Choose Treatment

If you are getting sick of the highs and lows, not to mention how expensive supporting a cocaine habit is, consider attending treatment with Pathfinders Recovery Centers. Beyond the cost of the drug itself, I found myself paying for coke and crack use in so many ways that I didn’t even realize until I got some clean time.

I know for myself, the team at Pathfinders was able to help me find a new life. If you or a loved one are struggling too, give them a call. In a few minutes of a confidential consultation, they can and will give you options and resources for recovery. Why not reach out now?


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