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My cocaine addiction had led me to a very dark place that I never thought I’d get out of. When I got to Pathfinders for addiction treatment, they worked miracles to help me overcome my crack cocaine addiction.

If you want to get your life back and say goodbye to crack forever, keep reading to find out how to do so. Cocaine addiction is not only a huge barrier in your personal life, it greatly affects your professional life as well.

A lot of employers test for drugs before hiring, and they are not likely to hire someone when they detect cocaine. I’ve failed multiple drug tests in my life, whether it was for a job interview or a part of my criminal probation. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you about that, as well as how long does crack stay in urine.

Cocaine can stay in your system for several days. If you are a heavy cocaine user, it can stay in your system for several weeks. When I entered addiction treatment, it took me several weeks to get the metabolites out of my system.

Cocaine Addiction And Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse affects people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you are suffering from drug addiction, no amount of money can help you. You have to put in the work and truly want to get clean.

When I was first introduced to hard drugs, it was powder cocaine that I really gravitated to. I have done many other substances, but nothing shook me up like my cocaine addiction. There isn’t any amount of professional medical advice or warning signs that were going to prevent me from becoming an addict.

When taking cocaine, your body and your mind drastically change. One thing that you learn early on in cocaine addiction treatment is that it can change your personality and your brain in a scary way. I had been smoking cocaine for several years by the time I got to Pathfinders, so my cocaine detox was pretty brutal.

Because cocaine can stay in your system for so long, it can be hard to truly rid yourself of the effects. I didn’t feel normal for weeks after I went into detox. It’s even difficult for licensed medical professionals to help an addict work through detox.

How Long Cocaine Remains Your System

Getting the cocaine out of your system is the first step. Cocaine stays in different parts of your body for different periods of time. To test positive for cocaine, the most common form of testing is a blood or saliva test.

How long does cocaine stay in your system? It can stay in your blood for up to two days. With a urine test, it can be up to three days, but heavy users can test positive for up to a week or more due to metabolites staying in the system. As far as a hair sample, cocaine can last in your hair for months or even years.

This is especially true of many other drugs. Drugs can be detected in a hair sample long after you’ve quit using. Blood tests and urine tests will usually come back clean after a few days, but the hair is a whole different story.

My cocaine use was rampant and long-lasting, so it took me multiple drug tests to rid it from my body. Cocaine addiction can be especially tough to fix if you are suffering from mental health issues. Repeated cocaine use can even cause you to develop a mental health disorder.

The way that employers and probation officers drug test can vary. Though hair tests can detect cocaine for much longer than a urine or blood test, you can usually tell if someone has ended their use or continued it depending on the levels shown in the test. If the levels continue to go down from test to test, the tester will generally take that into consideration.

Cocaine Use Disorder and Withdrawal Symptoms

Cocaine Use Disorder and Withdrawal Symptom

Prolonged cocaine abuse can lead to brutal withdrawal symptoms. Depending on how much cocaine is in your system, the symptoms can last a long time. My cocaine withdrawal put me to the ultimate test.

It felt like the cocaine particles floating around in my blood were controlling my mind, and trying to talk me into leaving treatment. I wanted to give in so many times, but the people at Pathfinders helped me stay the course.

Their programs and behavioral therapies worked tremendously for me. A long-term addiction will break you down slowly. It doesn’t happen overnight. By the time you realize what a bad position you are in, it can be overwhelming, terrifying even.

Because I was addicted to crack cocaine, it was a little different than your typical cocaine addiction. While I was smoking cocaine, I started to develop intense paranoia. I thought everyone was out to get me. I was also drinking alcohol as well as abusing whatever other drugs I could get my hands on.

As far as crack cocaine, typical withdrawal symptoms include agitation, depression, fatigue, increased appetite, and other symptoms. Cocaine affects every part of your body. I didn’t realize this until I entered addiction treatment. From person to person, there’s no definite answer to how long crack cocaine stays in your system.

Drug Abuse Vs. Substance Abuse Disorder

Although there are similarities, substance abuse disorder is different from full-blown drug abuse. Substance abuse disorder is what typically happens in the beginning, then leads to addiction. When I started smoking crack cocaine, I had somewhat of a handle on my intake. I was already on probation, and a failed urine test put me back in jail.

I still had the cocaine metabolites in my system, so my detox in jail was extremely uncomfortable. Having to deal with all of my raw emotions in jail was difficult and I had to do my best to keep my head straight. Taking cocaine had numbed me so much, that I didn’t have to deal with any of the negative feelings bubbling beneath the surface.

It felt like cocaine was going to stay in my system forever. Even after I passed a blood test, I knew that going back to my cocaine use was dangerous. The effects of cocaine are so powerful that I was willing to ignore the risks. I went right back to using crack cocaine, and because I was still on probation, I failed a saliva test.

My legal issues were unfolding as my drug addiction got worse and worse. I didn’t care about the drug testing after a while. I expected to just keep failing every test I was given. Whether it was a blood test, urine test, or hair test, I got used to failing. My crack cocaine addiction made me not care about anything other than getting my hands on more crack cocaine.

When Will A Test No Longer Detect Crack Cocaine?

How Long Does Crack Stay in Urine

How long does crack cocaine stay in your body? Normally, both cocaine and crack cocaine will stay in your system for the same amount of time. Again, it all depends on the level of your addiction and other bodily factors. Crack and cocaine are the same thing, both substances are derived from the coca plant. The coca plant is mainly cultivated in South America.

Though crack cocaine’s effects are a bit more enhanced than cocaine in its powder, you’re still ingesting the same substance. Cocaine is a schedule II controlled substance, meaning there is a much higher risk of abuse than Schedule I drugs.

Drinking alcohol and using marijuana can be detrimental, but a cocaine habit can quickly lead to everything in your life unraveling. There are other substances that can stay in your system longer than cocaine, but when you have a cocaine addiction, you’re probably not going to go a few days without passing a test.

In terms of how long does crack stay in urine: the detection time may be short, but the addiction is strong enough that you won’t even consider not using it. When you use large amounts of drugs like cocaine, it stops mattering to you how long it will stay in your urine, hair, or blood.

Long-term cocaine abuse, like many other drugs, makes you make all sorts of excuses. I became a pathological liar and pleaded with my probation officer to give me a break. I was never honest, and they knew it.

Cocaine Misuse and The False Positive

It is still possible to test positive for cocaine, even if you don’t have it in your system. This is known as a false positive. This can happen if there are other alkaloids in your system. Some drug tests can mistake these substances for cocaine. It varies how long these alkaloids remain detectable in your system.

Cocaine frequently can be mistaken for other substances. There isn’t much difference between powdered cocaine and crack cocaine when it comes to false tests. One drug test is not the same as all other drug tests. While science is pretty dead on most of the time, a drug test is not always one hundred percent correct.

Drug testing methods have advanced and become more and more accurate, but there are always new ways to get around a drug test. There are always new forms of drug use and new drugs finding their way onto the street. Even the best testing methods can be fooled by these drugs.

For a long time, drugs like Suboxone didn’t show up in a normal drug test. Suboxone is an opiate blocker that can also be abused just like opiates.

How Long Does Cocaine Remain In Your System After You Get Clean?

Cocaine Test

Long after you are clean, cocaine and many other drugs can stay in your system. A drug test can detect cocaine long after you’ve stopped using. There are many cocaine addiction treatment options, even if the cocaine metabolites remain in your body. The half-life of cocaine depends on the methods of administration.

Smoking cocaine leads to a shorter half-life while injecting and snorting cocaine can lead to a longer half-life. No matter how long cocaine can stay in your system, it can stay in your brain for a very long time. I still occasionally feel the urge to use cocaine and I’ve been sober for several years.

Not only is my addiction treatment a daily thing, I spend a good amount of time working on my mental illness as well. I learned many new things about myself that I didn’t realize before. I learned what makes me tick, and what sends me into a negative headspace. It’s hard to say how long cocaine stays with you, even after you’ve gotten clean.

As I’ve mentioned, cocaine’s effects are long-lasting. No matter the form of cocaine you ingest, it is still the same evil substance that can quickly and easily ruin everything in your life. Cocaine addiction is a long-term recovery. Fortunately for me, I’ve had a great support system and have been greatly encouraged whenever I go to support meetings.

Long Lasting Recovery From Cocaine Use

Long Lasting Recovery From Cocaine Use

No amount of failed blood tests or urine tests alone will make you get clean. It has to be an ongoing process that requires a lot of attention. My substance use disorder will always be a part of me, but it’s a part of myself that I can use to teach others.

When I took my last drug test, and it didn’t detect crack or coke at all, it was a foundational moment for my ongoing recovery. My blood pressure was back to normal, and my skin and hair looked better, it was remarkable the transformation I went through. I barely recognized myself not strung out and high.

I had no idea how it felt to pass a drug test. I assumed my cocaine use would never end and drug testing would always be in my life in some form or another. Both cocaine and crack drug tests were just a part of my routine when I was on probation. When I finally got off of probation, I didn’t have to worry about failing tests anymore. I knew I was done.

Find Effective Addiction Treatment for Crack Cocaine Now

Long term recovery is possible, and I believe I have finally found it. I am always concerned that I could fall victim to relapse, but it gives me comfort to know that I’ve stuck with the program and have made sobriety the most important aspect of my life. Drug use was a big part of my life for a long time, but now recovery is an even bigger part.

If you have also struggled with crack or cocaine more generally, the team at Pathfinders Recovery can help assist you in lasting recovery. Give yourself a chance at a new life, and reach out today!


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