How Alcohol Affects Your Appearance


How Alcohol Affects Your Appearance

People spend thousands of dollars on alcohol. But over time, the effects of alcohol can ravage your looks. If you think you’re getting away with something by hiding your drinking, you’re wrong. You won’t be able to hide the outward effects that alcohol has on your body. Here is how alcohol affects your appearance.

Hair Loss

Alcohol depletes your hair follicles of essential minerals, including zinc. Zinc deficiency leads to hair fallout. The effects of alcohol on your hair don’t take years to show up, either. If you continue drinking, you’ll begin to notice strands of your hair falling out more frequently. If you do nothing to stop drinking, you’ll eventually have thinner hair, with noticeable scalp showing in your part line. Your hair will lose its luster and you won’t be able to style it as you used to. You might think that your hair loss is genetic, but in fact it could be due to alcohol use.

Lines and Wrinkles

Alcohol dehydrates your body, including every organ. As your body’s largest organ, your skin shows the effects of dehydration in a very obvious way. Lines and wrinkles will first start to appear where the skin is thinnest, around the eyes. As you continue to drink, your skin will develop even more lines and wrinkles, causing you to have the appearance of a much older person than your actual age. Going to alcohol rehab could be the real answer to a youthful appearance.

Sagging Skin

Because alcohol depletes vitamins and nutrients, your skin won’t be able to produce as much collagen as it needs. Collagen is the substance that is responsible for keeping your skin supple and firm. As collagen stores are depleted, the skin on your face will sage, giving you that sagging, jowly look that is usually only seen on the elderly. A Scottsdale rehab center can help you get your life back.

Yellow, Dull Eyes

When your body is healthy and you eat and drink plenty of water, the eyes are bright and shiny, with the whites of your eyes sparkling. However, because drinking alcohol severely dehydrates you, your eyes will look dull and the whites of your eyes will look yellowish instead of white.

Weight Gain

Alcohol is full of empty calories. One glass of red wine is about 125 calories. Many beers have at least 100 calories in each bottle. If you drink liquor with mixers, you not only get the excess calories from the alcohol, but from the mixers themselves. Alcohol is also full of sugars, which your body turns to stored fat. All in all, alcohol affects your appearance by making you gain weight. Some people gain all the weight in their stomach, giving them the dreaded beer gut. Others gain weight all over, including in the thighs hips and legs.

Broken Capillaries

Drinking alcohol often leads to flushing, which is when excess blood rushes to the face. This can result in overall temporary redness. Often it results in broken capillaries, particularly around the nose and cheeks. It’s almost impossible to get rid of broken capillaries, so this may be a permanent kind of disfigurement from alcohol abuse. You don’t have to fight your battle against alcohol alone. Pathfinders Recovery can help.


Alcohol contains toxins that your body is not designed to handle. Your kidneys have a hard time processing the alcohol that you drink. As such, fluids build up in your body and face, causing a bloated look. This can happen even to relatively slim people. The eyelids look swollen and the whole face takes on the appearance of being bloated. This condition may continue and worsen as alcohol use continues. In Arizona at an alcohol rehab center, you can get the help you need to get off alcohol.

If you were wondering how does alcohol affect your appearance, now you know. These effects of alcohol on appearance are devastating. Even if you think no one knows about your excessive drinking, the proof is in the way you look. Alcohol makes you age faster and can cause irreversible damage over time. Contact the alcohol rehab Arizona professional recommend now.