Heroin Rehab – Holistically Life Changing

For thousands of individuals across the country each year, heroin rehab is holistically life-changing.

Just a few short years ago, nearly 948,000 Americans had reported using heroin within the last calendar year.

This number has been steadily on the rise since 2007 and often affects adults between 18 and 25 more than any other demographic.

Like many others, this opioid drug is highly addictive and destructive.

Heroin grows naturally in the seeds of opium poppy plants, which are often found in Mexico, Colombia, and Asia.

In addition to being highly addictive, there hasn’t been any acceptable medical use for heroin in several decades, which is why the federal government labels it as a Schedule I illicit drug.

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Why we Need Heroin Rehab Centers

Street heroin, often referred to as “dope” or “smack”, comes in many forms and, therefore, may be swallowed, injected, smoked, or snorted.

Each method and form comes with its own risk level.

The most common form is a powdery substance, typically brown or white in color, although black tar heroin is also very common.

Most individuals don’t just start by using heroin first, they begin using other drugs and building a tolerance which causes them to escalate to heroin.

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From Prescription Pain Pills to Heroin

Most users of heroin report that they’ve tried it for the first time after abusing prescription pain killers.

Percocet and Vicodin prescriptions are common and are often abused.

After misusing pain killer prescriptions or purchasing them in illicit settings and building a tolerance, these drugs tend to stop working for the individuals abusing them.

Recently with the crackdown of pill mills and over prescribing doctors prescription pills are harder and more expensive to get.

This has led addicts to search for something to replace the pills.

With quickly fading effects, users are left wanting more and often need to frequently and quickly increase their intake to achieve the same results.

Heroin is Cheaper and Easy to Find

Heroin is often significantly cheaper, more potent, and less difficult to access than prescription opioids are.

Access, in particular, is a very large problem, as heroin is one of the most frequently smuggled drugs. Research in this area has shown that heroin seizures have continued to increase steadily over the last decade.

This makes it difficult for many users to stay clean because they know that they can get another fix at any time, and troubling withdrawal symptoms tend to lead them that way.

Once a user switches from prescription pain killers to heroin, it is highly unlikely that they’ll be able to go back to prescription drugs.

It is even less likely that they will be able to go back to the dosages they were initially meant to follow. Heroin rehab is highly effective in ending this vicious cycle of tolerance, abuse, tolerance, and more abuse.

With a medically-assisted detox in a certified facility, a full treatment program, and aftercare planning and services, heroin rehab can help you start a new life.

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Inpatient Heroin Rehab Centers

The main difference between inpatient heroin rehab and outpatient heroin rehab is that inpatient will require a residential, 24-hour stay in the facility.

Outpatient care can be done in the same number of hours as a typical part-time job before returning home after each session or meeting.

One of the biggest problems with recovery is that it is a full-time job.

Recovery, especially from substances as addictive and dangerous as heroin, requires as much focus, attention, strength, and courage as you can provide.

For most addicts inpatient heroin rehab is often the best choice.

Outpatient Heroin Rehab Centers

Heroin is a potent and addictive drug. Addictions to heroin and heroin withdrawal symptoms are typically severe.

This is one reason why we often recommend inpatient care first.

Individuals who have milder addictions or cannot leave their work or family responsibilities to complete an inpatient program may be eligible for an outpatient program instead.

In this situation, you’ll continue to live at home, go to work, and attend to other daily obligations while spending an average of 10 to 20 hours at our certified drug rehab center during the week.

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Heroin Detox Process

Heroin use creates an intense and immediate euphoria, decreasing feeling both physically and emotionally.

With such strong effects, it is very easy to become addicted and physically dependent on heroin.

The more users have to increase their doses to achieve the same effects, the higher their risk is of permanent damage, coma, or even death in extreme cases.

Therefore, the first step in your heroin drug rehab process will almost certainly be a medically-assisted detox to safely get the drug out of your system.

Withdrawal symptoms often appear within five to 12 hours after your last use, and depending on several individual factors, may last for a week or more.

This is when many people would relapse but heroin rehab helps eliminate this risk, ease physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, and allow you to detox in a safe and monitored environment.

Common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Excessive sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Cold sweats
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Fevers
  • Intense body aches
  • Runny nose

Without medical attention, withdrawal symptoms can create a vicious cycle that is difficult to break. Let the dedicated experts at Pathfinders help you through this important stage in your recovery.

Once you’ve detoxed, you can take the next step and start your customized care plan in one of our safe, comfortable, and residential facilities.

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Pathfinders Heroin Rehab Locations

With locations in Scottsdale and Lakewood, we’re happy to serve patients across both states, and who travel to our accredited and dedicated facilities.

At Pathfinders Recovery Center, we know what it takes to get your life back from the grasp of addiction, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Whichever location you choose, you’ll receive access to a highly effective and proven care program.

How Much Does Heroin Rehab Cost

Heroin rehab is often covered by insurance, which drastically reduces the burden on patients seeking care for their addictions.

If you’d like to see how much of your treatment will be covered by your particular insurance provider, please call our addiction counselor. You can also fill out our contact us form and we will be happy to call you.

Both Pathfinders recovery centers accept most major insurance providers. For patients paying for heroin rehab without the assistance of insurance, we are happy to discuss alternative payment options when you call.

Health insurance is helpful in eliminating or minimizing the costs involved in addiction recovery but a lack of coverage should not prevent you from getting the care that you need.

Call today to see what we can do for you.

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Pathfinders Heroin Rehab

With medically-assisted detoxes, various therapies, counseling sessions, trauma workshops, support groups, supervised outings, and more, we are here to help you achieve each of your recovery goals.

We’ll give you the tools you need to build a solid foundation and have a successful, clean, and sober life.

You will build life-long support systems and have guidance through every step of the way.

Additionally, each patient will receive a customized treatment plan, because each of our patients is unique, and we believe that their treatment should be also.

At Pathfinders, you’ll find everything you need to succeed and then some.


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