You Are Ready for Heroin Rehab in Colorado—What’s Next?

So, you are ready to attend heroin rehab in Colorado. You feel fed up with letting heroin destroy your life. It may have cost you your family, friends, job, car, or home. It took you on a corkscrew of a thrill ride, but you want to unbuckle the seat belt and leave the roller coaster now.

Admitting that your addiction to heroin caused your life to spiral like that ride in our metaphor is a giant leap forward towards recovering. And now, you are taking a second step—searching for heroin addiction rehab in Colorado.

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Why Heroin Rehab in Colorado?

For starters, the state hosts Pathfinders Recovery Center, one of the best heroin rehabs in the US. The experienced, compassionate, and professional team of addiction specialists at Pathfinders Recovery Center credits their holistic healing methods as the reason for their success.

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Heroin Rehab Centers in Colorado and Across the United States

A March 2020 update by the National Institute on Drug Abuse underscores the urgent need for heroin rehab centers in Colorado and throughout the United States.

Please note that the federal government does not track mortality rates for each specific addictive substance. However, opioid and heroin abuse became so prevalent that they began tracking overdose rates.

The newest numbers provide a snapshot of the rapid increase in heroin overdose deaths from 1999 through 2018. In 1999, the United States recorded 1,960 heroin overdoses that caused fatalities. By 2016, that number skyrocketed to 15,469. While the number slightly dipped to 14,996 heroin overdose deaths in 2018, heroin addiction is still a severe problem on a national level.

So know that you are not alone in your addiction. Pathfinders will help you break this cycle of substance abuse. Heroin addiction does not need to be a death sentence. We want you to become one of the heroin rehab success statistics in Colorado, a beacon to those who strive for recovery.heroin rehab in colorado pathfinders -

The Heroin Rehab Process in a Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Perhaps you are a little bit unsure of the heroin drug rehab process in Colorado. You place yourself in skilled hands when you entrust your care to the medical team at Pathfinders Recovery Center in Lakewood, CO.

Every person has a unique experience when entering alcohol or drug rehab, but here’s an overview of a typical process.

Medically Supervised Detox

When you first arrive at heroin rehab in Colorado, you will be greeted by a counselor who will review your medical needs, assess your mental state, and introduce you to the doctor.

The physician on-site will ensure that you are fit to begin the first phase of recovery (which you undoubtedly dread), medically supervised detox.

During the first few hours, and lasting several days, heroin, alcohol, or other substances will leave your body. Because your body grew a chemical dependency on these substances, you will feel sick. However, because you are under a doctor’s care, you will be made comfortable with prescriptions to help ease the unpleasant, flu-like side effects.

The nurses will monitor your vital statistics during this time, alerting the doctor to any critical needs. Also, a therapist will touch base with you to assess your mental wellness during the detox phase.

While you will not start in-depth counseling until you physically recovered from the medical detox, you will feel assured that the staff at Pathfinders Recovery Center has your best interest at heart during this challenging phase.

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Disorders Diagnosis Treatment at our Colorado Heroin Rehab Center

Your heroin addiction does not exist without a cause. Nobody picks up a needle and makes a conscious choice to become a heroin addict.

In many cases, the addiction stems from a need to heal physical pain after an accident. Perhaps your doctor issued a prescription for a painkiller; then, you grew dependent on it.

Another common finding is a co-occurring disorder.

We see that a large percentage of people who struggle with heroin addiction have a co-occurring disorder. That term refers to an underlying mental illness that you self-medicate with heroin. You might not know that you have this condition, but that does not mean it does not exist.

At some point in your journey, we will evaluate you to determine if you have any mental illness that triggers your addiction:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Personality disorder

If we find this to be true in your case, we will treat your addiction alongside the co-occurring disorder to ensure total wellness.

Stabilization Phase

Right after you complete your detox, you move into stabilization. During this time at our Colorado heroin rehab center, our will implement a scientifically-proven, holistic care plan to help you change your adverse behaviors for more positive ones.

They will address your physical well-being as well as the mental aspect of recovery. This attention to physical health is urgent because many who abuse heroin have myriad health issues. From malnutrition to abscesses to weakened muscle strength, you face challenges. Our heroin rehab in Colorado commits to improving your physical state by including nutritional counseling and physical fitness.

Additionally, during this phase, you will also begin to work on establishing the mindset of recovery. Therapists will work with you in individual counseling sessions and in group meetings to help you become aware of why you use heroin. Then, they can help you replace drug abuse with healthier coping mechanisms.

Ongoing Recovery

As you continue your journey through the heroin drug rehab process in Colorado at Pathways Recovery Center, you will continue to build upon those skills you learned in the stabilization phase. You will also find opportunities to attend family counseling, learn relapse prevention skills, and begin setting goals for your future success after you leave our program.

Inpatient Heroin Rehab Centers in Colorado or Outpatient Rehab?

Another thing that weighs on the minds of patients who plan to attend heroin rehab in Colorado are these questions.

Attend outpatient heroin rehab in Colorado? Or attend an inpatient heroin rehab center?

Each individual must make this choice based on their particular struggles with addiction.

Some need the accountability and 24-hour-daily supervision of outpatient care. For the people with the longest-term or most powerful addictions, the lure of heroin might be irresistible, even after medical detox. In that case, then attending outpatient heroin rehab in Colorado makes perfect sense.

However, other people who struggle with addiction require less supervision and feel more confident in their ability to refrain from using it again. These people make good candidates for outpatient rehab in our Colorado facility.

Do not get bogged down making that choice alone. You can count on us! Our counselors will help you work through this monumental decision. The main thing for anyone who needs help is to pick up the phone and call us.

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How Much Does Heroin Rehab Cost in Colorado?

Heroin rehab costs in Colorado fluctuate wildly, depending on the individual’s specific needs.

Remember that we custom-fit our programs to each person’s addiction. Some benefit from a 30-day or 60-day inpatient heroin rehab program then step down to outpatient treatment. Others remain under our inpatient treatment program for six-month to one-year inpatient treatments if they face significant struggles or have co-occurring disorders. And others succeed by attending outpatient programs supplemented with 12-step meetings.

Recovery is different for every person. As a result, you will find varying costs associated with treatment. However, we are glad to discuss these programs and payment options for treatment with you.

Furthermore, we offer a free insurance verification service. All you need to do is complete the safe, confidential online form and let our insurance team take it from there. We will work with your group health insurance company to obtain the benefits you are entitled to so you can get the heroin rehab treatment that you deserve.


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