Heroin Detox Centers for Initial Treatment

Heroin is one of the most popularly abused drugs all around the world, and usually requires heroin detox centers to rid the body of the drugs.

It is an opioid made from morphine.

Heroin could take the form of brown, white, or a black sticky substance which could be referred to as black tar heroin.

Heroin is taken in either through sniffing, injection, snorting, and smoking.

To increase the effect heroin has on individuals, people often mix it with crack cocaine.

This mixture can be known as speed-balling to achieve maximum effect.

Using the opioid called heroin has the effect of increasing heart rate, sleeping rate and associates itself with the cell responsible for ensuring pain and pleasure.

Some prescription drugs have been said to take the same effects as heroin, and require safe heroin detox centers.

These drugs include Oxycontin and Vicodin.

Research also shows that heroin is one of the first opioids individuals use before upgrading to other forms of opioids.

Individuals using heroin often experience certain signs such as a sudden surge or outburst of energy or euphoria.

They also experience other physical signs such as hazy mental cognition, constant itching, a dry mouth, flushed skin, vomiting, and diarrhea as well as constant swinging from consciousness and reality to semi-consciousness.

The aforementioned issues are known as the short-term effects of the abuse of heroin intake.

Some long-term effects include lack of sleep, liver disease, kidney disease, heart lining, and valves infection, collapsed veins, sexual dysfunction in men as well as irregularities in menstrual cycles.

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Heroin Overdose

Most people ask questions regarding whether people can overdose on the opioid, heroin. The answer to this question is yes because the consumption of a certain amount of heroin can put the life of the individual in danger.

Signs of heroin addiction include slowing down in breathing which could put the individual in a coma or lead to brain damage and in some instances, death. This condition can be referred to as Hypoxia.

Due to the rampant occurrence of a drug overdose, different drugs have been discovered to help with an overdose of any form of opioids,

.One of these drugs that helps with heroin overdose is Naloxone.

This drug is to be administered immediately after it has been discovered that the individual overdosed on heroin.

What this drug does is that blocks the effect of the overdose from kicking in.

However, only a medical practitioner would be able to decipher the particular amount which would suffice.

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Heroin Addiction

It is not unusual to see people who use heroin getting addicted to it.

This tolerance or addiction to the substance then graduates into a disorder called substance use disorder. It could exist due to different factors.

Research has also shown that most addiction problems stem from mental health issues such as depression, panic disorders, anxiety disorders, suicidal intentions, schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), amongst others. Addiction to heroin could also arise due to household issues with husband and wife, stress from work, academic stress as well as peer pressure.

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Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers

Since heroin addiction is rampant around the world, it is only necessary that addiction treatment centers be erected to tackle this menace called substance abuse or addiction.

Addiction treatment can be carried out by various drug addiction rehab centers. These centers could be privately owned or government-owned.

However, it is important to note that private addiction treatment institutions provide value for money more often than not. Patients also get to avoid the notorious waiting lists associated with government-owned rehabilitation.

Besides, privately owned establishments generally provide a certain level of privacy. It does not necessarily translate to the amount of privacy one could get at home. However, compared to the government-owned treatment centers, it is still quite decent. The staff also pay more attention to patients and ensure that patients get value for their money.

As desirable as attending a private addiction treatment center is, it could also have its downsides. This downside comes in the form of funding. Private treatment centers are naturally more expensive than government-owned treatment centers. This is due to the fact they are privatized and as much as they render these services out of a passion for the job, revenue still has to be generated from such business.

However, health insurance companies who make provisions for drug or any other substance addiction treatment would be able to reduce the cost of attending a private rehab to a considerable extent. Government-owned treatment centers on the other hand are also quite effective in combating drug addiction. Individuals who are financially stable enough for private addiction treatment centers are advised to turn to government-owned drug rehab centers which would provide adequate care and ensure that the addiction is done away with at the end of the day.

Whether government-owned or private-owned addiction treatment centers, they all provide varieties of addiction treatment programs. Some of these addiction treatment programs include in-patient treatment programs, outpatient treatment programs, partial hospitalization as well as aftercare.

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Inpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient treatment is one of the most commonly enrolled treatment programs. This is because it is the most suitable in terms of both phases of addiction treatment. An in-patient treatment program entails the patient staying in the treatment addiction center all through the healing process. This is the most suitable for individuals doing detox as he or she is not tempted to go back to those drugs after months of committing to being clean. It is however expensive especially when carried out in a private drug addiction rehab center as opposed to other government-owned drug addiction treatment centers.

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Outpatient Treatment Programs

This program involves the patient coming into the rehab facility on time for classes and leaving as they leave. Outpatient services are highly required by individuals who are only mildly addicted to Heroin or cannot bear to be away from their families. Equally, the outpatient treatment program also allows the patient to be part of a community of several clean past drug abusers. Asides from this, it is also not cut-throat expensive and more cost-effective than the inpatient addiction treatment program. It is also similar to support groups in the sense that after therapy sessions, individuals are given the leverage to return to their various homes.


The process that heroin detox centers simply involves flushing out those toxins as well as drug substances to prevent the patient from remaining Heroin dependent. The time frame for detoxification usually depends on the severity of the addiction in question. It is also not unusual to experience withdrawal symptoms when the process of detoxification starts. Some obvious signs of withdrawal symptoms include shortness of breath, craving the substance (in this case, heroin), restlessness, insomnia as well as nausea, and vomiting.

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Different treatments are available for heroin addiction, such as medicinal treatment services or behavioral treatment methods, and heroin detox centers.

However, treatment centers can also employ the “reward” method as a way of encouraging their patients to remain clean while in the facility.

Some of these reward forms include various vouchers containing prizes as well as cash rewards themselves to motivate the patients to keep trying and accepting treatment for the sake of getting better.

Pathfinders do a great job in this regard by customizing each patient’s treatment program to suit them.


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