Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

Dual diagnosis is the resulting condition that occurs when an individual experiences both a mental illness and a substance use disorder at the same time.

Either one can develop first and each can worsen the other.

Whether a mental health condition drives an individual to drink or abuse drugs as a way to self-medicate, or a substance use disorder worsens a mental health condition and increasing stress and anxiety, a dual diagnosis treatment center can help.

These centers are categorized as inpatient/residential or outpatient, with some offering both.

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How Common is Dual Diagnosis in the United States?

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that 9.2 million adults experienced dual diagnosis in 2018.

These problems naturally appear together, so treating them together is the best and most effective way to achieve a healthy, sober life.

Dual diagnosis treatment centers across the country are available to help you tackle all of your addiction problems and mental health needs.

Mental and substance use disorders are among the top conditions that cause disabilities in the U.S. Preventing, treating, and overcoming these disorders is critical to achieving optimal physical and mental health in the future.

It may be past the point of prevention, but treatment is just one phone call away and recovery is close behind.

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The Common Dual Diagnosis Symptoms.

There are hundreds of combinations that can occur in a dual diagnosis, so outlining common symptoms is difficult to do with perfect accuracy.

Depending on many individual factors, one patient’s dual diagnosis symptoms can vary greatly from the next patient’s symptoms. However, there are some common substance use disorder warning signs that you can look out for:

  • You’ve withdrawn from your loved ones
  • Your behavior is suddenly and uncontrollably changing
  • You’re using substances under dangerous conditions or participating in risky activities
  • You feel out of control in your use of the substance(s)
  • You’ve built a tolerance and need more of the substance(s) than you did when you started
  • You feel experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using on your own
  • You feel that you need the substance(s) in order to function

Mental health disorders can produce similar symptoms, especially sudden and significant changes in mood.

Patients also experience confusion or a lack of concentration, avoid their loved ones, and separate themselves from normal social activities.

If you or someone you love is exhibiting symptoms of a dual diagnosis, call us for more information. We are here to help.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers - A man who is battling depression and drug addiction sits in his group therapy session.  He is being  encouraged by his therapist and the rest of the group to talk about his addiction.

Residential Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers.

Inpatient dual diagnosis treatment programs, like the ones offered in Pathfinders’ residential care centers, are highly beneficial for patients with severe addictions and dual diagnoses.

These programs focus on providing mental, physical, and addiction health care around the clock. The endless support, proven treatment methods, support groups, and other services have proven to be more effective than traditional outpatient care methods.

By providing structure, a routine, and constant care in whichever form it is needed most, we help patients get sober, avoid relapse, and build a new life before they return to their homes.

Long Term Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers.

One of the first questions patients ask us is how long their treatment will last. Because we customize our treatment plans to fit each unique patient’s needs and addictions, everyone’s length of stay may be slightly different.

On average, our patients spend 28 days to six months with us for inpatient programs. Long-term rehab treatment is generally considered to be anything lasting more than a few months.

We will not send you back home until you’re confident in your ability to follow through and continue to live a healthy and sober life. That’s one of the many reasons we also offer aftercare planning and services.

Successfully completing an inpatient rehabilitation program doesn’t mean that you’ll leave and be on your own.

We’ll be with you for as long as you need or want us to be. Aftercare programs may include continued therapies, support groups, and more.

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Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers.

Generally speaking, if a patient has a mild addiction and daily obligations, outpatient treatment is an effective and affordable alternative to regimented inpatient care.

In the case of a dual diagnosis, inpatient care is more strongly encouraged. Because there are multiple and potentially complicated issues to address, it’s better for patients to feel a higher level of support rather than feeling isolated. If it is possible, inpatient care is preferred.

However, if moving and temporarily rearranging your life is simply not a possibility, outpatient dual diagnosis care is available. You’d participate in the same therapies, support groups, and other treatment methods at our facility during the day before returning home when you’re finished.

If you’re not sure which is the better option for you, call us for more information.

Affordable Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

Each treatment plan we create is different because it is based on the individual completing it rather than our own arbitrary calculations.

We don’t want any of our patients to avoid getting the help they need due to costs. That’s why we happily accept many insurance providers.

If you’re not sure if your insurance will cover your care, please call to speak with one of our admissions coordinators who will perform a complimentary insurance verification for you. Thankfully, most providers do offer rehab care coverage.

For patients whose coverage falls short, or is missing altogether, we’ll work with you to create a payment plan that works for you. The health, safety, and recovery of our patients is our primary concern.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers - A counselor talks one on one with a young man who is struggling with depression and alcoholism and has enrolled in a dual diagnosis treatment center.

Top-Rated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers.

The best dual diagnosis treatment centers are ones that offer well-rounded, comprehensive care like the programs offered at Pathfinders.

In a dual diagnosis, it’s very important to treat each present addiction and mental health disorder so that long-term recovery can be achieved. Treating one or the other isn’t enough.

With comprehensive, proven care, you have a much better chance of avoiding relapse, recovering, and living a healthy, sober life.

Creative Care Dual Diagnosis Treatment.

In addition to traditional services like therapies and support groups, we also offer holistic remedies and creative care options.

Depending on your addiction, needs, and preferences, these may include physical fitness and stress management classes, nutritional guidance, and supervised outings.

We also offer aftercare planning and services for after you complete your program, 12-step programs, and SMART recovery groups. Each addiction is different, so each care plan should be different, too.

Together, we’ll build the one that is best for you. This wide variety of integrated, comprehensive, and creative care methods can benefit young adults, women, and men alike.

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What Sets our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Apart.

Our one-on-one, patient-driven care is the reason that so many people choose Pathfinders.

This safe and relaxing environment provides the setting you need to turn your life around, build a support group, and find the confidence you need to make healthy choices every day moving forward.

Our specialists have decades of experience and only implement evidence-based programs in our personalized plans, so you know that you’re getting the attention and proven treatment you deserve.

Call us today to get started.