Treatment for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

If you or your loved one suffer from substance abuse and mental illness, you may need a dual diagnosis treatment center in Colorado. Unless you get help in this kind of specialized facility, you may find recovery extremely difficult. However, with proper treatment, people with dual diagnosis have excellent chances of getting better.

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Basics of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Colorado

What is dual diagnosis? Addiction and mental health specialists use this term to describe people who:

Suffer from some kind of substance use disorder, addiction, or substance abuse and also suffer from some major mental illness

Two other terms are used for the same overlapping problems: co-occurring disorder or COD and comorbidity.

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Dual Diagnosis is Widespread in the U.S

Unfortunately, dual diagnosis is widespread in the U.S. Recent studies show that at least 9 million Americans have combined substance and mental health problems. However, this reported number may not be accurate. Why? Many people with substance problems or mental health issues do not seek treatment. Among other things, this means that their co-occurring disorder symptoms may go undiagnosed.

Experts consider substance use disorder and mental illness to be comorbid. This means two things. First, the presence of drug or alcohol problems can make mental illness worse. In addition, the presence of mental illness can make drug or alcohol problems worse. Roughly 50% of all people with severe substance problems also have a mental illness. In turn, approximately 50% of all people with a mental illness have serious substance problems.

What are Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Dual diagnosis treatment centers are specialized treatment facilities. They possess the resources and expertise needed to treat cases of co-occurring disorder. Some of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers are based in substance rehab facilities. In addition, some centers operate out of mental health facilities.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers offers a great option among all luxurious dual diagnosis treatment centers, as it is also a more affordable choice than most.

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What Happens in Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Colorado

Dual diagnosis centers treat the symptoms of substance use disorder. They also treat the symptoms of mental illness. This is an essential feature of these programs. You may be wondering why:

Unless you get help for both aspects of co-occurring disorder, you have very little chance of getting sober. You also have little chance of recovering your mental health. There are two phases to dual diagnosis care: detox and inpatient treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Detox

Detox is designed to help people with drug or alcohol problems bring their substance use to an end. This can be difficult to do since it often leads to significant drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Supervised detox will help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms. It will also prepare you to get started in active substance treatment.

Some people with substance problems go through an outpatient detox program. However, this is not typically recommended for people suffering from substance problems and mental illness. Instead, detox for dual diagnosis often happens in inpatient programs. These programs provide:

  • Round-the-clock medical services
  • Excellent response times for medical emergencies
  • A secure setting for people who may lack a stable home environment

Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient care is also common for active dual diagnosis treatment. Residential dual diagnosis treatment centers provide the same basic advantages as residential detox programs. They also provide the time needed for extensive treatment services.

Medication often plays a significant role in dual diagnosis care. You may take medications to help you cope with your mental illness symptoms. You may also take them to help you cope with your addiction-related symptoms.

However, not all people with substance problems receive medication while in treatment. That is true because not all kinds of addiction respond well to medication. You have the highest chances of receiving this form of treatment if you are recovering from alcohol or opioid related addiction.

Behavioral therapy is also essential to dual diagnosis treatment. This is the umbrella term for several types of active psychotherapy. Types of behavioral therapy that can help in dual diagnosis recovery include:

  • CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Contingency Management
  • DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Long Term Therapeutic Communities
  • ACT or Assertive Community Treatment


Each of these options provides its own benefits for treating mental illness and or substance problems.

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Best Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers for Young Adults

Out of all age groups, young adults have the highest risks for developing dual diagnosis. This is true, in part, because young adults have the highest rates of substance use. It is also true because they have the highest rates of mental illness.

Like all people with a co-occurring disorder, young adults do best when they receive inpatient care. Fortunately, when they receive proper care, they often recover well. Young adults with dual diagnoses tend to recover as successfully as those only dealing with substance problems.

Do young people need separate treatment centers to recover from co-occurring disorders? Not necessarily. The best inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers often provide care for adults of all ages.

Colorado schizophrenia programs can offer specific care for schizoaffective disorders, for example, but if they do not address the addictive behaviors then your hard work can all be for naught.

Women’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Colorado

Women with a dual diagnosis may have unique treatment needs. That’s true because women co-occurring disorder sufferers often have a history of significant personal trauma. They also tend to have weaker support networks than women only affected by substance problems.

Top-rated dual diagnosis treatment centers in Colorado address women’s needs during recovery. Some of these centers treat men and women in the same facility. However, you may also find dedicated women’s dual diagnosis treatment centers. With the right gender-focused care, you can recover in both types of facilities.

Find effective womens dual diagnosis treatment care at Pathfinders Recovery Centers, with a gender-specific womens recovery center in Colorado designed specifically around trauma-informed treatment and holistic health.

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Short-Term Vs. Long-Term Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Do you need long-term treatment to recover from a dual diagnosis? In many cases, the answer to this question is yes. Many people benefit from a long-term, therapeutic community. Communities of this type provide treatment for half a year or longer. They also create a sense of responsibility and belonging that can make co-occurring disorder recovery easier.

Finding Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near You

Throughout much of Colorado, you will find inpatient dual diagnosis treatment centers near you. Some of these centers provide effective care in a no-frills environment. However, you can also find luxury dual diagnosis treatment centers. These centers go out of the way to maximize your comfort while receiving care.

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Learn More About Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Colorado

Dual diagnosis is a combination of substance problems and mental illness. Such combinations occur frequently in Colorado and across the U.S. The combined symptoms of the co-occurring disorder are difficult to treat. For this reason, dual diagnosis inpatient treatment centers are the norm, not the exception. These residential centers provide the extensive care needed to support your recovery.

Top dual diagnosis treatment centers in the U.S. like Pathfinders are often found in substance rehab facilities. You can also find them in psychiatric facilities. Programs in both types of facilities can help you recover with appropriate medication and behavioral therapy.

Young adults and women with the co-occurring disorder often have unique recovery needs. For this reason, you may find programs that only cater to one of these two groups. However, you may also find programs that accept women and men of all ages. At Pathfinders we understand everyone is different, so we offer both gender-specific recovery programs as well as co-ed recovery programs.

As one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers Pathfinders provides long-term care. We also provide luxury perks that add to your comfort and convenience.

To learn more about Colorado dual diagnosis treatment centers at Pathfinders, just contact us today at 866-414-0220.

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