Can An Alcoholic Get Pregnant?

Many people often wonder, can alcoholics get pregnant? The answer is yes, an alcoholic can get pregnant just as easily as a person without a drinking problem. In fact, an extensive study was recently conducted in the European country of Denmark. Out of the 6,200 women tested, some of which were self-confessed alcoholics, there seemed to be no discernible correlation between alcohol intake and female fertility rates. Doctors do warn, however, that this information should not be used to encourage unhealthy lifestyles while trying to conceive a baby. While consuming unhealthy amounts of alcoholic might not dramatically lower your chances of becoming pregnant, it can absolutely weaken your body and cause health problems for you and your unborn baby down the road.

Craving Alcohol During Any Stage of Pregnancy is a Problem

An alcoholic may ask their doctor, “I’m pregnant and craving alcohol, what should I do”? The universal answer to this question will always be the same. You should absolutely refrain from consuming any amount of alcohol while pregnant, regardless of har far along into the pregnancy you are. All doctors will advise you to immediately stop drinking alcohol the moment you find out you are pregnant. In fact, to avoid harming your fetus, you should stop drinking alcohol while you are trying to conceive.

Can Any Amount of Alcohol Decrease Your Chances of Conceiving?

There are many forum threads and website articles dedicated to answering the simple question, can you still get pregnant if you drink alcohol? While the aforementioned Danish research that we mentioned was not able to correlate a decrease in fertility rates in women that drink alcohol, the research was not clear on whether that was the case with a severe alcoholic. A Boston University research report released two years ago found that women that considered themselves to be severe alcoholics had a substantially reduced ability to conceive. The research results claimed that severe alcoholic women are up to 30 percent less likely to conceive than women who drink moderately or do not drink at all. That finding seems to contradict the Danish research results.

Drinking After Conception

A woman that continues drinking during first month of pregnancy greatly increases the risks that she will have a miscarriage or that her fetus will develop a birth defect. Fetal alcohol syndrome occurs due to heavy drinking within the first trimester of pregnancy. There have been many recorded cases where extreme alcoholics caused their fetus to develop fetal alcohol syndrome within the first 1-2 months of pregnancy. The best way to avoid this is to refrain from drinking completely if you think there is a chance that you might be pregnant. There are many health professionals that can assist you in dealing with alcohol addiction during pregnancy.

Heavy Drinkers Should Be The Most Concerned

Anyone engaging in heavy drinking during first month of pregnancy is most at risk for pregnancy complications, miscarriages, and delivering a fetus with birth defects. The biggest problem with drinking is that it harms the nervous system and brains in adults and unborn fetus alike. The difference, however, is that the damage is much more pronounced in developing fetuses. A fetus born to a woman that drinks any amount of alcohol during their pregnancy has been proven to have a much lower intelligence quotient or IQ than infants born to mothers that do not consume any alcohol during their pregnancy. The golden rule is to abstain from alcohol consumption if you are confirmed to be pregnant or could be pregnant. The risks to you and the unborn fetus are simply too severe to not discontinue the extremely unhealthy act of drinking.


If you suffer from alcoholism then you should immediately seek help if you think you are pregnant. There are many doctors and clinics available that specialize in treating women that suffer from substance abuse issues during pregnancy. Take advantage of this help and protect the wellness of yourself and your unborn baby. Always remember, heavy drinking during first month of pregnancy is extremely dangerous. Stop drinking and find out if you are pregnant.