Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Colorado


Many parents, teachers, health professionals, and family members feel helpless when confronted with a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse. Fortunately for these individuals, there are several drug and alcohol addiction treatment services available to them today.

When it comes to finding treatment centers in Colorado, you need to look no further than Pathfinders Recovery Center in Aurora. If you are looking for an ‘alcohol rehabilitation center near me,’ and you live in Colorado, you’ve come to the right spot! At our alcohol and drug rehab center, we offer a private and convenient solution to all of your substance abuse recovery needs.

Pathfinders Colorado addiction treatment center


At Pathfinders, Colorado, we understand that addiction is a disease. However, we believe that it is one that can be successfully treated by providing individuals with high-quality behavioral healthcare and the right drug and alcohol treatment programs for their personal care needs. 

For many individuals struggling with a substance use disorder, it was not their intention to develop an addiction. Rather, this condition came to exist due to several external stress factors, such as:

  • Mental health issues
  • Difficult environmental conditions
  • Adverse socioeconomic situations
  • Stressful or traumatic past experiences


Because these external factors can be so prevalent in the development of an addiction, it is highly recommended that individuals seek out substance abuse treatment programs that are dedicated to addressing and correcting these underlying issues. Luckily, Pathfinders Colorado addiction treatment services are dedicated to doing just that.


Drug addiction is running rampant in large cities and rural towns all throughout the United States. With this increase in cases of addiction, many communities are also seeing a staggering rate of drug overdoses; increasingly, these result in preventable deaths. 

A large number of individuals currently suffering from substance abuse first became addicted when taking prescription drugs following an accident, painful injury, or other health condition. Unfortunately, particularly in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, these habits have led to prescription drug abuse becoming increasingly prevalent within the U.S.

In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an estimated 9.3 million people ages 20 and older reported having misused prescription painkillers within the year 2020 alone.  In light of these numbers, Pathfinders Colorado and other rehab programs are dedicated now more than ever to providing effective addiction treatment options to those who need them.


Contrary to popular belief, individuals struggling with drug abuse do not always resemble the stereotypical representation of a drug addict. In fact, anyone can fall under the influence of the many powerfully seductive illicit drugs currently flooding the drug market; even more, so that they can pretty much be found everywhere today. 

With this increase in drug availability, it is important to know how to recognize when you or a loved one may be struggling with an addiction. Luckily, there are several signs one can look out for that may indicate someone is engaging in substance abuse, including those that can be physical or cognitive in nature. 


When it comes to individuals who are actively struggling with addiction, these habits can have a significant and visible impact on their physical well-being. These can serve as indicators of someone’s substance abuse in several ways, including:

  • Dilated or retracted pupils
  • Significant weight loss or gain
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Insomnia
  • Change in body odors or personal hygiene
  • Poor coordination
  • Disheveled physical appearance
  • Slurring of speech



There are also several behavioral and mental changes that can come with persistent substance abuse, many of which can have dangerous repercussions for both the addicted individuals and those around them. Some of these signs may include: 

  • Drowsiness or loss of balance
  • Agitation
  • Acting aggressively or violently
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Loss of consciousness

Top colorado drug and alcohol rehab centers: Pathfinders Recovery Center


Whether addicted to drugs or alcohol, recognizing that one has a problem is always the very first step toward recovery. Only once the problem has been addressed, can individuals then begin seeking addiction treatment help and support.

When looking for a treatment facility in Colorado, Pathfinders Recovery offers the best treatment options for a variety of addiction care needs. Our drug and alcohol treatment centers feature an expert clinical staff that is dedicated to meeting exceptional quality care standards. They have the specialized training, knowledge, and skill set necessary to serve as the best addiction treatment providers you can find. 

Furthermore, Pathfinders Colorado strives to provide treatment options that focus entirely on our clients through utilizing a holistic treatment approach. When undergoing rehab in Colorado through Pathfinders, each client will meet with licensed providers, who will give them professional treatment advice on which care plans will best suit each of their unique needs. 

This consultation process is done in an honest and safe way, prioritizing the individual’s most crucial recovery requirements at all times. Once a client has successfully worked with healthcare providers to discuss this treatment information, their recovery journey can finally begin.

While individualized treatment plans can vary, the Pathfinders Colorado rehab program will generally involve a client’s engagement in several different activities, including:

  • Use of a self-awareness journal
  • Reading addiction related material
  • Attending cognitive behavioral therapy classes
  • Nutrition instruction
  • Pertinent short lectures
  • Watching related movies
  • Engaging in group activities
  • Attending and practicing coping skill development sessions


Addiction is a disease and can be successfully treated. Recognizing the problem is the very first step toward recovery. Individuals can come to a wonderful Colorado drug and alcohol treatment center to begin their journey into health and sobriety. Our expert team has the specialized training, knowledge, and skillset to deliver impressive addiction recovery treatment that focuses on the entire person using a holistic approach.

Each client will meet with a qualified addiction counselor to determine the best treatment care plan that suits their very unique needs. This may include keeping a self-awareness writing journal, reading addiction related material, attending cognitive behavioral therapy classes, nutrition instruction, pertinent short lectures, watching related movies, engaging in group activities and attending then practicing coping skill development sessions.

Drug Rehab Colorado

At Pathfinders, our Colorado drug rehab facility offers compassionate help in overcoming the trials of drug abuse. Our treatment center features a beautiful scenic location, giving clients a peaceful place to recover from the emotional, physical and mental stress that someone struggling with addiction often experiences. 

It is not uncommon for those recovering from some sort of drug addiction to suffer from several adverse consequences, including:

  • Lowered self-esteem
  • Weakened physical state
  • Emotional turmoil
  • Difficult withdrawal symptoms


This is why our professional team of caring addiction counselors and treatment providers is devoted to providing the latest addiction recovery treatment options and services for each valuable client’s needs.  Here at Pathfinders Colorado, we are dedicated to giving our clients hope in their futures once again.


Alcohol Rehab Colorado

Along with the increase in the need for drug rehab services, more individuals are beginning to develop addictions to alcohol. Since alcohol is legal after a certain age, many people do not consider alcohol addiction to be as problematic as a dependency on drugs. 

At Pathfinders Alcohol Rehab Colorado, we recognize that alcohol is just as much a drug as any other substance. This means that people can become addicted to alcohol just the same way they can to any other illicit drug. 

Furthermore, many people are unaware that alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be particularly severe, and even lethal in extreme cases. This reflects a dire need to undergo alcohol withdrawal with constant medical supervision and access to professional addiction care and treatment resources.

Addiction Treatment: Denver

If you are looking for treatment options in Denver, look no further than our Aurora location. With alcohol rehab Denver programs, as well as a drug rehab Denver track, Pathfinders Recovery Center forms a top option for recovery in the Mile High City and its surrounding suburbs as well.

Denver treatment centers have a wide disparity in terms of efficacy and use of evidence-based practices.  Call our Admissions team now to discover why we are considered a clear choice among drug rehab centers in Denver Colorado.

A Top Alternative to Colorado Springs Treatment Centers

If you’re looking for an alcohol and drug detox in Colorado Springs, our facility in Aurora might not be the first that comes up on your phone, but we believe we should be your first choice for treatment.

Only an hour away on I-25, Pathfinders Recovery Center provides a full range of services that cannot be found in many alcohol and drug rehab centers in Colorado Springs. With a medically supervised detox, focus on trauma-informed care, and an excellent staff-to-client ratio, consider our facility when looking for treatment anywhere in our great state.

The options for substance abuse treatment in Colorado Springs may be lacking, but Pathfinders Recovery is a short ride away and can make a world of difference in your recovery!


Those seeking out an addiction treatment center in Colorado for their alcohol abuse can find great solace and success at Pathfinders Colorado alcohol rehab center. Here, they will have access to safe and professional detox services, with access to a medical provider at all times. 

After this phase is completed, clients may then participate in core alcohol addiction recovery treatments that focus on educating individuals about their dependencies. This includes educational sessions dedicated to helping them understand that they have an addiction, which can feel impossible to control without professional help. 

Once this level of self-realization has been reached, clients can then begin to learn what their specific triggers are, and how these can cause a relapse. After these have been recognized, these individuals can then begin to learn ways in which they can avoid their personal triggers, and manage them should they come up. 

At the Pathfinders alcohol treatment facility in Colorado, individuals can recover in comfort with the understanding, compassion, and support of our top-notch addiction treatment program and expert treatment providers.


According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), simultaneous substance use and mental health disorders, known as co-occurring disorders, are extremely common. This is because many individuals struggling with mental illness will turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of self-medicating unpleasant emotions and feelings.

Furthermore, many forms of addiction can produce mental health issues for those struggling with this condition due to the severe social, physical, financial, and other consequences this behavior can have. Thus, it is best to find a treatment provider that offers dual diagnosis treatment concurrently with addiction therapy. 

Top-quality dual diagnosis treatment centers – such as our Pathfinders Recovery Center in Colorado – understand that paying attention to a client’s mental health and emotional status is crucial for their recovery. After all, this will allow them to gain accurate personal insight into their lives and why they desire to escape with drugs and/or alcohol. 

Once the root of these addictive behaviors has been discovered, the chances of successfully changing them will significantly increase.


Today, alcohol and drug rehab centers have many different methods of teaching about and treating addiction. In fact, several treatment practices will include a variety of approaches in their addiction recovery process as a means of providing clients with a diverse and well-rounded treatment plan. 

Here at Pathfinders rehabs centers, we prioritize the incorporation of religious, holistic, or spiritually-based treatment options, as well as more professional and clinically-based treatment programs. For example, our rehab centers for addiction will use the 12-step format that AA and NA groups adhere to. Additionally, other therapies are utilized to create an expanded recovery program able to help more individuals.

As everyone learns and heals differently, a variety of several different addiction recovery techniques, tips, and coping skills can better prepare each client to stand strong after their initial residential treatment is completed. These may also encourage them to explore additional treatment options following their successful completion of a treatment program.

The Pathfinders Difference

Pathfinders Recovery Centers adhere to the belief that to remain healthy and live a sober lifestyle, clients should continue with recommended outpatient therapy services, and community addiction groups and remain in touch with other sober individuals and supportive people. After all, these support systems can remind these individuals that there is truly hope for those struggling with addiction.

The Pathfinders approach works because our counselors strive to keep clients engaged and hopeful in their recovery process. This is done through participating in personal one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as group therapy sessions. We highly value fostering a feeling of mutual support and care amongst our clients and treatment providers, and strive to show our clients that they are not alone in their struggles.

Our dedication to increasing our clients’ ability to focus on others also helps these individuals in their ongoing recovery. As they strive to encourage and support others in their journey to overcoming substance abuse, so too can they experience an increase in their motivation and dedication to their own re-discovery of living a healthy life. 

Colorado addiction treatment at Pathfinders Recovery Center in Aurora


Addiction does not usually occur overnight. Similarly, addiction recovery takes some time. While there is still a heavy level of stigma surrounding substance abuse and addiction treatment, more research and social awareness on this subject are slowly beginning to battle these misperceptions.

In fact, addiction is being talked about more openly at schools and at home, as well as within healthcare communities (such as the behavioral health industry), community organizations, and even religious institutions. Many today have also noted the increased attention that addiction is receiving in the news and amongst politicians. 

With this increased recognition, more communities are realizing the benefits of participating in addiction recovery and educational programs; such as, of course, the Pathfinders Recovery Center located within the gorgeous natural landscape of Colorado. 

The importance of getting into a reliable recovery program for addiction treatment cannot be overstated. This is why at Pathfinders, our clients are always treated with the respect that every hurting person deserves while undergoing treatment for their specific addiction problem. Even if you do not live here, the Pathfinders treatment centers in Colorado are still available to provide your addiction care needs. In fact, many people come to Pathfinders Colorado rehab centers from countless different areas. 

Those that have finished a Pathfinders Colorado recovery program were able to transform their entire lifestyles. As they embraced a sober living lifestyle under the care and observation of Pathfinders treatment providers, they found themselves finally able to heal from the pain and difficult life circumstances that led to their addiction in the first place. 

So don’t wait; join the ranks of those who have used our addiction treatment programs to change their lives through achieving long-term sobriety and peace of mind. We provide the tools, knowledge, support, and guidance necessary to overcome addiction; all you have to do is have the strength and motivation to finish the job. If you are ready to begin living a better way of life, call us now, so that we can help get you started on the road to recovery!


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