Cocaine Addiction in Colorado

If you are trying to set yourself free of cocaine addiction in Colorado, you might find you need a bit of help to help you get—and stay—clean and sober. Your need for a hand up in overcoming your drug addiction is not surprising to experts.

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Why You Need Help From a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center?

In fact, in 2015, a leading scientist explained why you need to get help from a cocaine addiction treatment center in Colorado. Dr. George, Koob, a doctor and the director of the National Institute of Health’s National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, advised the following:

“The brain actually changes with addiction, and it takes a good deal of work to get it back to its normal state. The more drugs or alcohol you’ve taken, the more disruptive it is to the brain.”

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The Brain Changes how it Perceives Pleasure in Addiction

He went on to explain in the same article that the brain changes how it perceives pleasure in addiction. Simple pleasures in life that you once enjoyed—think birthday cake—no longer satisfy you. Your brain begins perceiving those things as less pleasurable. You begin replacing those happy joys with drug addiction—and your mind craves even more.

That cycle becomes cemented into place over the course of addiction. And now, you are trying to quit with only marginal success. Time for help! Instead of trying to get sober alone, it’s time for new treatments for cocaine addiction in Colorado.

How Do I Find the Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centers in Colorado?

Pathfinders Recovery Center is here to help! However, we know you might be skeptical, so we are answering some of your most frequently asked questions about getting help for cocaine addiction and treatment in Colorado.

First of all, you want to know how to find a treatment center—you searched online and found hundreds of results! Plus, each rehab claims to offer the best treatment for cocaine addiction in Colorado. So, which one tops the charts?


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The Best Rehabs Use the Best Cocaine Addiction Treatment Medication in Colorado

Almost everyone who arrives at Pathfinders Recovery Center is worried about withdrawal. The typical withdrawal symptoms for crack and cocaine addictions are the following:

  • Increase in your appetite
  • Feelings of depression or sadness
  • Disrupted, dream-filled sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Feelings of anger or agitation
  • Brain fog, or a hindered ability to think clearly
  • Intense cravings for crack or cocaine


Although this phase of recovery is, indeed, challenging, our physicians can make the process easier for you. Our counselors ask you to complete a physical and mental health questionnaire when you arrive. From there, you meet with a physician who examines you. This comprehensive evaluation process enables our physician to prescribe the best cocaine addiction treatment in Colorado. The medicine you receive will help to lessen the discomfort of the symptoms as your body adjusts to becoming cocaine-free.


The Best Treatment for Crack and Cocaine Addiction in Colorado Identifies and Treats Dual Diagnosis

Treatment professionals use the term dual diagnosis to refer to any additional underlying mental health issue that a person has when they enter a treatment facility.

But why is that an important piece to the recovery puzzle?

Dual diagnosis (sometimes called co-occurring disorders) gives you the opportunity to receive not only cocaine abuse addiction treatment but also treats the underlying cause of your addiction. You might now know what fuels your addiction.

Here are a few of the dual diagnosis conditions we treat in our clients:

  • Chronic depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD
  • Eating disorders
  • Generalized anxiety disorder


When you have these concerns, it tells us that your addiction is not your fault! Instead, it indicates that you grew dependent on crack or cocaine to self-medicate. Your addiction soothed the pain of your feelings and quieted the disconcerting thoughts inside your head.

Let us give you a couple of examples of how dual diagnosis triggers addiction.


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Maybe you started using it because you felt lethargic or low all the time. But when you used cocaine, you became the life of the party. This behavior is frequent in people who have a dual diagnosis of depression.

Perhaps you need both alcohol and cocaine addiction treatment in Colorado. You are an alcoholic, but you need crack or cocaine to boost the effects of drinking. That habit is commonplace in people with a dual diagnosis of alcohol use disorder.

These examples are only two possible scenarios—many other dual diagnosis conditions exist.

They Have a Solid Cocaine Addiction Treatment Success Rate in Colorado

When you shop for alcohol and cocaine addiction treatment in Colorado, also look at the program’s success rate.

You will find a common denominator in the most extraordinarily successful treatment centers—using a wide range of clinically-proven therapies. At Pathfinders Recovery Center, this approach is the one we believe in using. That’s because recovery is fluid—and having a large number of tools in our reach allows us to help you receive the most cutting-edge cocaine abuse and addiction treatment in Colorado.

Experience Counts in Treating Crack and Cocaine Addiction in Colorado

You are putting your mental and physical well-being in the hands of the treatment center team. Be sure that those you are placing trust in have the experience to deliver on their promise to help you recover.

The Pathfinders Recovery Team has the experience that you need—we have over twenty-five years of experience in helping people recover from their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Our experience means that we consistently rate as one of the most experienced cocaine addiction treatment programs in Colorado.


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The Best Treatment Programs for Crack and Cocaine Addiction in Colorado Give You A New Sense of Purpose

We know that you can choose from many cocaine addiction treatment programs in Colorado. However, be sure that you find one that takes a holistic approach to recovery.

The term holistic means this. The program helps you heal not only physically from your addiction, but it also addresses your mental and spiritual health.

To fully recover, you must have a new sense of purpose. No longer will your days be filled with the cycle of drug abuse. Therefore, you will need to fill that void with new and positive behaviors.

For some people, that sense of purpose is a renewed commitment to their alienated family. And for others, it is the drive to go back and finish a GED or college education they abandoned. Still, others want to find a new career and start from scratch.

Until you understand the true drive that feeds your soul, it will be challenging to resist relapse.


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Are You Ready to Beat Your Cocaine Addiction at our Colorado Treatment Program?

If you are ready, the Pathfinders Recovery Center team is here to help you start your new life.

Please reach out to us by phoning us at 866-414-0220 or by completing our secure online contact.

Our coordinators are ready to help guide you in the next steps. They will explain payment options and will even assist you in the insurance verification process. Most importantly, they will take time to listen to how we may serve you and offer you support and reassurance—you are making the right move!


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