Pink Cloud Syndrome

What Is the Pink Cloud? When you are newly sober, you go through a wide range of emotions. When I completed treatment at Pathfinders, I felt like I could take on the world. I had gone from being a hopeless alcoholic to being full of energy and ready to take on any challenge. For newly…

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Addiction Recovery Success Stories from Celebrities

Often, we hear about people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. These may be people in our families or neighborhoods, social media influencers, or TV celebrities. It’s not often that we hear about those who are successfully working through their recovery or those who are celebrating decades of sobriety. Instead, it’s more likely…

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What is the Meaning of Rock Bottom?

What is Rock Bottom? Table of Contents What is Rock Bottom? What People Think Rock Bottom Is  The Real Meaning of Rock Bottom Signs That You’ve Hit Rock Bottom from Addiction The Levels of Rock Bottom How to Help Someone Who Has Hit Rock Bottom Getting Out of Rock Bottom Seeking Treatment Before Hitting Rock…

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Jobs for Recovering Addicts: How to Get Your Career on Track After Rehab

Jobs for Recovering Addicts: How to Get Your Career on Track Table of Contents Jobs for Recovering Addicts: How to Get Your Career on Track Jobs to Avoid Use Your Strengths Art Therapist More Therapy Careers to Consider Wellness Careers Yoga Teacher and Trainer Personal Trainer Nutritionist Health Food Chef Outdoor Jobs for Recovering Addicts…

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Gratitude: How to Remain Grateful

Gratitude: Table of Contents Gratitude: Get A Journal And Dedicate It To Gratitude Remember Where You Came From Set Goals And Act On Them Serve Others And Socialize With Like Minded People The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Someone recently messaged us at Pathfinders Recovery Center and…

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