How to Help Someone into Rehab

Guiding a Loved One Toward Addiction Treatment Table of Contents Guiding a Loved One Toward Addiction Treatment How Do You Leave A Drug Or Alcohol Addiction Behind? Substance Abuse Hurts More Than Just You. Embracing Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Warning Signs Of An Active Addiction How Do You Get Someone Into Rehab? How To…

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Alanon vs AA

AA and Al-anon as Recovery Support Groups Table of Contents AA and Al-anon as Recovery Support Groups What Can You Expect From Sober Support Groups Al Anon Meetings Vs AA Meetings Treatment Programs For Family Members Al Anon Support Groups And Other Meetings Continuing Support For Alcohol Recovery Recovery Through Al Anon Groups Finding Your…

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Rehab for College Students

Transitioning into college is a significant life milestone. A student’s life in college or university helps shape the person they become in the future. Going to college usually means separation from home and independence. But living in a new social environment can challenge a person’s values and beliefs. University and college students in the U.S.…

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Chest Pain Drinking Alcohol?

Why Does Alcohol Affect the Heart? Table of Contents Why Does Alcohol Affect the Heart? A Family History of Alcoholic Heart Conditions Should Alcohol Consumption Cause Chest Pains? Side Effects of Alcohol Consumption Alcohol and Atrial Fibrillation Seeking Treatment For Alcohol Find Your Reason for Getting Sober How Can I Cure my Hangxiety? Anxiety and…

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Drug Addiction and Hair Loss

Is There a Link Between Drug Addiction and Hair Loss? Table of Contents Is There a Link Between Drug Addiction and Hair Loss? How Does Drug Abuse Cause Hair Loss? What to Know About Drug-Related Hair Loss Ways Addiction and Hair Loss Are Linked How Bad Will Drug-Related Hair Loss Get? What Drugs Cause Hair…

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Alcoholism and Hair Loss

Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss? Table of Contents Does Alcohol Cause Hair Loss? Alcohol and Hair Loss Ways Alcohol and Hair Loss Are Linked Alcoholism and Chronic Dehydration Other Side Effects of Alcoholism Treatment for Hair Loss Avoiding Hair Loss with Alcoholism Treatments Treatment Options at Pathfinders Recovery Center Getting Started There are many different…

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Exploring the Link Between Family Genetics and Addiction Tendencies

We often hear of people having an addictive personality, or even that addiction runs in families. It does bring up the question: “Why does one person get addicted to drugs or alcohol and another doesn’t? Is addiction linked to genetics?” Is it possible to be predisposed to addiction? Is there a genetic link to addiction?…

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How to Avoid Drug Use in College

If you’ve watched a lot of movies about college students, you might be under the impression that everyone experiments with drugs when they’re in college. But this simply isn’t the truth. Because of this, we’ve decided to highlight exactly how to avoid drug use in college, and reasons to consider it. According to the Substance…

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