Can You Snort Meth?

Get Answers and Treatment Options for Meth Abuse Table of Contents Get Answers and Treatment Options for Meth Abuse What Is Meth? How do People Use Meth? Can You Snort Meth? Answers to Meth Questions What are the Dangers of Snorting Meth? The Short-Term Effects of Snorting Meth Long-Term Effects of Snorting Meth What Is…

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Rehab for College Students

Transitioning into college is a significant life milestone. A student’s life in college or university helps shape the person they become in the future. Going to college usually means separation from home and independence. But living in a new social environment can challenge a person’s values and beliefs. University and college students in the U.S.…

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Can You Overdose on Meth?

Meth is a substance that many people are familiar with. It has been used recreationally for a long time. It’s among the most affordable and accessible drugs on the market. But this accessibility has the unspoken side effect of making it easy to take as much as you want. Meth overdoses are shockingly uncommon, and…

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Meth Comedown

The intense effects of methamphetamine have made it a popular drug of abuse. But the high from the drug does wear off eventually and is followed by what is called a “crash” or “comedown.” What happens during a meth comedown and withdrawal, how long it lasts, and whether or not the unpleasant and sometimes hazardous…

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IOP Programs Denver

Attending a Denver Intensive Outpatient Program Table of Contents Attending a Denver Intensive Outpatient Program What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Or IOP? What Does an IOP Treat? Typical Features of a Quality Intensive Outpatient Program Education Services Psychotherapy Support Services Who Can Benefit from a Denver IOP Program? Are IOP Programs in Denver Covered…

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Psychological Addiction

Addictions can be either physical or psychological. When a person is addicted to a drug, both of these subtypes of addiction are present. Psychological habits come from the impact that substances may have on the brain. Typically, they deal with the reward center of the brain. In many cases of addictive substances, the drug produces…

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How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?

Does Meth Remain in Your System a Long Time? Table of Contents Does Meth Remain in Your System a Long Time? What Is Methamphetamine? Crank Meth Speed Short-term Effects of Meth How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System? The Half-life of Methamphetamine Detecting Meth in Drug Tests Urine Tests Blood Tests Saliva Tests Hair…

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Fentanyl Overdose Symptoms: A Deeper Look

Combating the Fentanyl Overdose Epidemic Table of Contents Combating the Fentanyl Overdose Epidemic What You Should Know About Fentanyl What is Fentanyl? Where is Fentanyl Found? How Should You Handle Fentanyl? How and Why Do People Use Fentanyl? How does Fentanyl Affect the Brain? Does Fentanyl Lead to Dependence? Can You Overdose on Fentanyl? How…

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How Long Does Meth Psychosis Last?

What Is Meth Induced Psychosis? My meth addiction made me literally lose my mind. Besides losing my sanity, I also lost nearly everything else in my life. My job, my wife, and my overall happiness. There aren’t a lot of drugs out there like meth. The damage that it does to your body and your…

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Medication-Assisted Treatment

Table of Contents What is the Purpose of Medication-Assisted Treatment? Types of Medication-Assisted Treatment How Does MAT Work? How MAT Promotes Sustained Sobriety and Reduces Relapse Rates Drugs Used for Medication Assisted Treatment Other Uses for Medication-Assisted Treatment Therapy and Medication-Assisted Treatment Pathfinders Programs, A Path to Recovery A Breakdown of Our Addiction Treatment Programs…

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Binge Drinking by College Students: The Risks

Unfortunately, binge drinking by college students is relatively common, and comes with a host of worrying side effects for mental health. According to the National Institutes of Health, a 2018 study found that 37% of college students had engaged in binge drinking within the previous month. The National Institutes of Health also reports that binge…

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What is the Importance of Mental Health?

How to Improve Mental Health Table of Contents How to Improve Mental Health How to Improve Mental Health: Addiction as a Mental Illness Immediate Placement in Mental Health Treatment and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs – Get Help Now 855-728-4363 How to Improve Mental Health: Dual Diagnosis Learn More About Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Pathfinders – Call…

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What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program?

A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Can Be Essential Table of Contents A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Can Be Essential Basics of Dual Diagnosis Immediate Placement in Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs 855-728-4363 Substance-Induced Disorders Learn More About Alcohol Rehab at Pathfinders Call Today 866-263-1847 Typical Rehab Vs. a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program Features of a Dual…

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How to Tell If Someone Is on Drugs: Signs of Abuse

Having someone in your life who has a drug problem can be hard. It can be hard to help them, hard to get them to see what you see, and even hard to love them. Fortunately, if you know ‘How to Tell If Someone Is on Drugs,’ it can help them acknowledge the issue, and…

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