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The primary issue that you face as an addict is choosing the right treatment. Another big question is when to seek help. I was a functional alcoholic for a long time, and assumed I had everything under control. When I was drinking all of the time I still had a job and I was still able to maintain my personal life.

When you’re a functioning addict, you are tricked into believing that all will be okay. You think you’ve got a hold on it, and before you know it, things start to fall apart one by one. I finally realized the effect alcohol was having on my life when my wife left. She couldn’t handle not knowing when I was going to come home on the weekends, and how drunk I would be driving home.

It made me drink more. I blamed her for things getting worse, not realizing it was my own doing. Then I lost my job. The drinking got even worse. Finally, I started noticing the effect it was having on my health. I would substitute food for booze. I lost a lot of weight. My appearance suffered as well.

I got sicklier looking by the day. It didn’t take long before I was a chronic alcoholic living on various friends’ couches. How did I let it get this bad? Why didn’t I see the signs earlier on? It all creeps up on you eventually, and before you know it, the addiction consumes every aspect of your life.

So the time had come. I had finally realized that I was powerless to my addiction, and something needed to be done. The next step was finding the right recovery center. I was terrified to enter detox. I had heard all about the withdrawal symptoms, and they sounded especially scary.

The best option is to find a treatment facility that has a personalized approach. Every person is unique, as is their addiction. What works from some doesn’t work for others, and vice versa. It’s also important to decide whether you are in need of inpatient or outpatient treatment. My addiction was bad enough that there was no way around inpatient treatment. I needed to be somewhere for an extended period of time not only to detox but to work on the issues that led to my alcoholism.

It’s hard to make an ordered list of the best rehabs in Arizona. I can try, but because recovery is such a personal process, it’s really up to each individual to decide which recovery center is best for them.

If everyone I know in recovery tried to make that list, they would all look different. While it’s hard to say which ones are the best, there are definitely ones that stand out. The one thing I can say is that the more treatment options these centers offer, the better your chances are of succeeding in them.

What Is The Best Rehab For You

What Is The Best Rehab For You?

I chose Pathfinders in Scottsdale, and for me personally, it was by far the best rehab available in Arizona. The people there were caring, informative, and straight-up with me.

They didn’t beat around the bush with anything. Nothing was sugar coated. I was there to face my demons head-on, and they made it very comfortable for me in the process. The detoxification process was uncomfortable, but I was under great care and I can’t imagine if I had tried to do it alone. I tried once before to detox without medical supervision, and it almost killed me.

If you are looking for a more fancy or luxurious type of rehab, there are a lot of options there too. The upside of a luxury rehab is that they will most likely offer a more personalized approach, which typically proves more effective. Not to mention you will be taken great care of while you get better.

A lot of these luxury recovery centers offer guided meditation, equine therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment, among many other features. If you can afford an upscale rehab, I would highly recommend making the jump.

There is also the issue of waiting to get into a particular rehab. Because Arizona has so many recovery centers, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one with open slots. If you find yourself on a waiting list, you should probably widen your search. Once you’ve made the decision to get the help you need to get into treatment as soon as possible.

Sometimes this decision is spontaneous and fleeting. You may decide one day you want to go to treatment, only to change your mind the next day. Addiction is very powerful that way. You might think you want help, but you can quickly talk yourself out of it if you aren’t careful. Once you’ve decided you need treatment, you must act fast.

Pathfinders is one of the highest rated recovery centers in the state. They really surprised me with their expertise on every aspect of addiction. They were extremely compassionate as well. I did not feel alone at all during my stay.

They pretty much run the gamut of all treatment options. They also focus heavily on personalized care and figuring out a system that will work best for you. They will take you through the entire process of addiction recovery with care and compassion.

The Best Rehab in Arizona Ready for You

The Best Rehab in Arizona: Ready for You

The most important aspect of recovery is that it doesn’t work unless you are fully committed. I highly recommend doing an inpatient program and going all in.

There are many approaches to treatment, but if you’re not in it one hundred percent, it isn’t going to work. That’s not to say outpatient treatment doesn’t work. It’s all about your own personal experience. I have peers in the recovery community who have success in both formats. It’s very difficult to say what will work for everybody. It starts with you. Despite a lot of the similarities that exist between individual addictions, there are many differences.

Aftercare services are very beneficial to keep yourself on the right track. At first, I assumed I was cured after my first thirty days. This was a big wake-up call for me. Realizing that this is an ongoing battle that requires maintenance is something that almost made me give up.

Thankfully I realized what a giant waste of time it would have all been if I had gone that route. This goes back to the fact that you have to want it. I wanted sobriety bad enough that I was willing to put in the work. I go to meetings on a weekly basis and also engage in other forms of group therapy.

Once you have gone through the process of recovery, you feel the need to give back. After being sober for a while I wanted to pay it forward. I made it a goal of mine to attend these meetings in the hopes that I might be able to help someone else who was struggling. In return, I get that same help whenever I am having an off day or I feel the urge to drink. Recovery can be a lonely process, but it doesn’t always have to be.

By engaging in group sessions, and hearing people from all walks of life who have similar stories, it helps keep me on the right track. I feel it is my duty to stay clean not just for myself, but for all the people I’ve met along the way.


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