Alcohol Rehab in Colorado Break the Cycle

No matter where you live in Colorado, you may need access to alcohol rehab.

That is true for anyone experiencing symptoms of alcoholism. It may also be true for those affected by other alcohol problems.

With the help you receive in rehab, you can break the cycle of habitual heavy drinking.

You can also establish a new lifestyle that does not involve alcohol use.

These goals are achievable for anyone.

That includes those severely affected by alcohol problems.

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Basics of Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Our alcohol rehab program provides crucial assistance for anyone with serious drinking problems.

Many of those affected have symptoms of alcohol dependence or alcoholism.

Others are not alcohol-dependent, but still suffer significant harm from their drinking habits.

Doctors refer to this harmful, non-addicted state as alcohol abuse.

You can have simultaneous symptoms of alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

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Alcohol Rehab in Colorado for Alcohol Use Disorder

Serious symptoms of alcohol misuse are diagnosed as part of alcohol use disorder, or AUD.

You can meet the terms for a diagnosis if you’re affected by alcohol abuse or alcoholism. Any combination of the two can also qualify you for an AUD diagnosis.

People affected by AUD may receive help in various forms. One of the classic forms of alcohol rehab is our inpatient care. This residential approach to rehab provides 24/7 support and monitoring.

It also provides you with a full slate of treatment options throughout the day.

Additional options for treatment of alcohol problems include:

  • Medical management – used to address short-term, life-threatening health problems
  • Partial hospitalization – an advanced outpatient option for people with unstable physical or mental health conditions
  • Intensive outpatient rehab – an advanced outpatient option for people who have table physical and mental conditions
  • Standard outpatient rehab (a less intense option for outpatient care

Your doctor will help decide which form of treatment fits your current needs. As those needs change, you may move from one treatment setting to another.

What Does an Alcohol Rehab Center in Colorado Offer

Alcohol Detox

Before you can begin active treatment, must complete alcohol detox. The detoxification process has three objectives:

  • Making sure you are in stable condition before you begin to detox and go through alcohol withdrawal
  • Lessening your symptoms while you detox and withdraw from alcohol
  • Leaving you prepared to move on to active treatment for your alcohol abuse

Alcohol withdrawal can be mentally and physically challenging. In its worst form, it can even trigger severe problems such as:

  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Sensory hallucinations
  • A collection of highly dangerous symptoms known as delirium tremens or DT’s

The detox phase of rehab provides the medical assistance you need to deal with withdrawal. For most people basic supportive care is all that you will need.

However, some people need additional help in the form of medication. Available options include sedatives and antiseizure medications.

Alcohol Rehab in Colorado - A group of young adults hold hands during their group therapy session at the alcohol rehab in Colorado.

Active Treatment

Once you have achieved initial sobriety, you are ready for active treatment.

The care you receive helps you maintain long-term drinking abstinence. Some of the treatment used for alcohol problems is medication-based.

Commonly used medications include:

  • Campral (acamprosate), used to help correct the brain changes triggered by AUD
  • Vivitrol or Revia (naltrexone), used to help reduce your drinking urges
  • Antabuse (disulfiram), used to make alcohol consumption physically unappealing

You may receive one or more of these medications during your treatment if needed.

People in alcohol rehab also benefit from the use of behavioral psychotherapy. This is an active form of talk therapy that supports abstinence in numerous ways.

Our alcohol rehab programs use a variety of therapy options to address alcohol related problems.

The list of choices includes:

  • Motivational enhancement
  • Contingency management
  • 12 step facilitation
  • Community Reinforcement Approach or CRA plus vouchers
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT

When used together or separately, these treatments can help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of the effects of alcohol use disorder
  • Improve your willingness to take responsibility for your recovery
  • Increase the odds that you will meet the goals of your treatment plan
  • Recognize the factors that increase your desire to consume alcohol
  • Learn how to avoid consuming alcohol in everyday life
  • Prepare to join a 12 step program and play an active role in that program

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Do You Need Inpatient Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Experts recommend that if you are affected by moderate or severe Alcohol Use Disorder or AUD, you should seek help in an inpatient rehab like Pathfinders.

Why? Our inpatient alcohol rehab maximizes your access to both medical treatment and therapy.This increased access can boost your odds for a successful recovery.

In addition, live in programs make emergency services available around the clock. There are also other reasons to seek an inpatient option.

For example, life in a residential setting at Pathfinders gives you time to focus on your recovery. That is because you don’t have to worry about work or other day-to-day concerns.

In addition, inpatient programs offer stable daily routines. Such stability can be important for anyone recovering from alcohol problems.

That includes people diagnosed with a mild form of AUD. Finally, inpatient care is a front-line option for people affected by mental illness. Why do experts make this recommendation?

First, your mental health condition can make it harder to treat your drinking problems. In turn, your drinking problems can make it harder to treat your mental illness.

An inpatient setting provides the resources needed to address these overlapping issues.

Where to Find Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

In Colorado, alcohol rehab programs operate in a variety of settings. One common setting is a standalone facility like ours that only offers addiction treatment.

In addition, Colorado hospitals and other health organizations often include rehab among their options.

Alcohol Rehab in Colorado - During alcohol rehab in Colorado a group small group of 5 people listen as their therapist talks about coping skills.

How Long Will Alcohol Rehab in Colorado Take

How long does it take to complete alcohol rehab in Colorado? Length of enrollment depends on your situation.

Most programs provide help for at least 30 days and last up to 90 days. In some situations of severe alcoholism, if your doctor recommends it, we also offer longer programs.

That includes rehabs that allow six months to a year of various levels of care.

Insurance for Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Most insurance policies pay for alcohol rehab. For some people, their insurance provides complete coverage.

Others have policies that cover part of their costs. To find out exactly what your plan covers call or fill out our insurance verification form and we will do all of the work for you.

We know that a lot of people do not have any health insurance. If that is your situation, you still have options. Those options often include payment plans that you can customize to your needs.

Give us a call and we will find a way for you to get the help you need.

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Find Out More About Resources for Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Alcohol rehab is suitable for anyone with a serious drinking problem.

Many of you suffer from alcoholism. Others suffer from damaging, non-addicted alcohol abuse.

Like many people, you may have overlapping symptoms of these issues.

When you start rehab, you must stop drinking and go through detox. Doctors can use medication to make this process more comfortable. We can also provide basic supportive care.

You may continue to receive medication during active alcohol treatment. In addition, our rehabs treat alcohol problems with behavioral psychotherapy.

Our inpatient rehab is often the go-to option for effective alcohol treatment. You need this level of care for moderate or severe symptoms of AUD.

The same is true if you have even mild AUD symptoms along with a mental illness. Our inpatient programs will also benefit people in other circumstances.

The average person receives alcohol rehab for up to three months. Some people will continue to receive treatment for much longer amounts of time.

If you have insurance, your policy may pay for rehab. If not, you can make other arrangements to cover your costs.

For more information on alcohol rehab in Colorado, contact us today. We specialize in gathering the resources needed for your recovery.

With our help, you can bounce back from alcohol problems.


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