Learn About the Best Alcohol Rehab Center in Colorado

Are you ready to conquer your addiction to alcohol?

Have you grown weary of the control that drinking has over you?

Now that you are prepared for change, turn to the highly trained staff of the best alcohol rehab center in Colorado for the care you need.

You recognize that drinking makes a harmful impact on your body and mind, relationships, and education or career.

And now, you are ready to quit. We are here to help you!

Pathfinders Recovery Center offers over 25 years of experience in treating addiction along with co-occurring disorders.

This holistic philosophy means that their staff can help you find healing from the inside out—body, mind, and soul.

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Do You Prefer Inpatient or Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

The choice of whether you need inpatient or outpatient alcohol rehab at our Colorado location is an individual choice.

Often, the level of addiction and the patient’s lifestyle dictates the final decision.

So first, we will look at the basics of inpatient versus outpatient alcohol rehab.

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Why You Might Prefer Outpatient Alcohol Rehab in Colorado

Did you search online for the term “outpatient alcohol rehab near me in Colorado?”

If so, you might already prefer this level of care.

At our outpatient alcohol rehab in Colorado, our patients attend intensive therapeutic programs daily.

While not attending their programs, they return to either their home or a sober living house.

This flexibility allows those with the least addictive behaviors to remain with their families and work while getting the help they need.

Choosing to attend Pathfinders Recovery Center’s outpatient alcohol rehab in Colorado empowers you to:

  • Attend therapy to heal your addiction
  • Be accountable for your decision-making when not attending a program
  • Stay enrolled in school
  • Work at your job
  • Care for your children or family members


Here is a second reason some opt for our outpatient alcohol rehab program in Colorado it is a safe way to step down from inpatient treatment.

Some patients complete an inpatient program but are not quite ready to re-enter daily living without some support.

This treatment gives them a safe option that can help defer relapse.

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Why You Might Prefer Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

On the other hand, perhaps you found us by searching the keyphrase “alcohol rehab near me in Colorado.”

In this case, you know deep down that you need the more structured care offered by an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab center.

Patients who choose this program usually have more profound levels of alcohol addiction. They might also have co-occurring disorders that require additional support during their journeys.

At Pathfinders Recovery Center’s alcohol rehab facilities in Colorado, you will be under our guidance 24/7 for maximum support.

This level of care is essential for many people, especially during the first critical weeks of recovery.

Choosing to attend Pathfinders Recovery Center’s inpatient alcohol rehab in Colorado enables you to:

  • Receive 24-hour daily support
  • Attend daily therapies
  • Receive care for your co-occurring disorders
  • Prevent relapse with closer monitoring


Whether you decide upon outpatient or inpatient drug and alcohol rehab depends on your specific addiction.

If you want further assistance on choosing the best program for yourself or a loved one, please feel free to call Pathfinders Recovery Center at 866-414-0220 to speak with a counselor.

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How Long is Alcohol Rehab

Another question our counselors hear from new patients is, “How long is alcohol rehab?”

That question is somewhat hard to answer. The truth about the length of treatment in our alcohol rehab program in Colorado is that there is not an absolute correct time frame.

Indeed, there is only the amount of time each specific patient requires to get well. We take pride in offering custom-tailored therapies to our patients at our alcohol addiction rehab in Colorado.

Our team treats each patient as the individual that they are. Recovery is not a cookie-cutter process. That said, here are some of the remarkably successful addiction treatment programs that we offer:

30 Day Program

In our shortest program, we usually treat those patients with the least pervasive addictions. In this short time, you learn how to stop and think about your actions and the impact your choices make on your life.

90 Day Program

Our 90-day program builds on the 30-day program skills. In addition to learning to think about your behaviors, you also find a purpose in your life. Through this new self-awareness, you grow more equipped to cope with your addiction.

6 Month Program

The 6-month treatment plan at our alcohol rehab center in Colorado continues skill-building. At this point, patients are ready to begin looking past addiction and into setting fresh new goals for the future.

They learn to become the most successful in recovery and in life that they can be. Finally, know that these programs are fluid in nature. Just as water ebbs and flows, so does recovery.

Some people embrace change and achieve recovery with few setbacks while others need to repeat part of their journey. Either way, that is okay.

Also, that explains why we cannot predict an answer to the question of how long you will need to attend rehab. We plan for your success, regardless of the number of days that you attend treatment.

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Should I Enroll in Alcohol Rehab Near Me in or go Out-of-state

The decision to enroll in alcohol rehab is a wise choice. Next, though, you might question where you should attend therapy.

Like so many other options, this is a highly personal choice. Some people choose to alcohol rehab in Colorado because they live locally and want the nearby support of friends and family.

On the other hand, others come to us from outside of the state because their friends or family are distractions from healing.

Either way, the main key to your successful recovery is getting the therapeutic interventions you will need to recover for good.

How Much Does Alcohol Rehab Cost in Colorado?

Because our treatment includes a highly customized program, unique to each person’s needs, we cannot attach a price tag until we speak with you.

Our counselors would like to learn more about how we can help you and can provide you with the information you need.

Please contact us online using this confidential form or call us at 866-414-0220.

We accept most insurance and self-pay patients. We will also work with you to set up a payment plan so you get the help you need.

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Does Your Alcohol Rehab Center in Colorado Accept Health Insurance?

Yes! Alcoholism, or Alcohol Use Disorder, is an official mental health diagnosis outlined in the Affordable Care Act.

Because the Act deems it a treatable mental illness, it includes legislation requiring insurance companies to cover these treatments.

Insurance coverage can become overwhelming and confusing for many to understand.

Thus, Pathfinders Recovery Center can help you oversee the details of your healthcare program.

Our specialists stand ready to help you sort through the insurance paperwork process and get you the access you need to care.

Fill in the Verify Your Insurance form on our website. We will contact your insurance provider and let you know what we work out with them.

Receiving help from the best alcohol rehab center in Colorado is, literally, only a few clicks away.


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