The lucky alcoholics who find their way into recovery will hear plenty of suggestions and certainly a plethora of pontificated advice. The programs of alcohol addiction are filled with slangy slogans and eye-catching acronyms.
There are also a bunch of interesting quotes that while they may certainly confuse you, they’ll get you to thinking. Here are a few quotes passed around between recovering alcoholics that you may find motivational in your own journey.

It’s the first drink that gets you drunk.

This first quote has baffled many a newcomer staring at an alcohol addiction. Anyone with the slightest concept of biology or chemistry would immediately commence to emphatically debate the validity of this quote.
How can the first drink, just one drink mind you, ever be the drink that gets you drunk? The medical community has attempted for decades to pinpoint what causes some individuals to be alcoholic, while others can drink with impunity.
There seem to be two consistent characteristics in most every alcoholic, however. The first is an unexplained mental obsession with the next drink. Coupled with this baffling mental abnormality, there is some kind of an allergic reaction.
When an alcoholic finishes just one drink, there is an uncontrollable urge to have another, and another, and another. So in fact, it really is the first drink that gets you drunk. This is why the sentiments of total abstinence echo through the walls of the halls of recovery.

I know why we’re all here. We’re all here because we’re not all there.

This is a favorite among those who have been around recovery for a while. It is without reservation that most alcoholics eventually come to the conclusion that drinking is but a symptom.
The best recovery plan will work towards treating the multiple symptoms that actually the engine that drives the alcoholic to drink to obsession. It’s uncover the cause of your addictive behavior, you may be doomed to repeatedly repeat it.

Minds are like parachutes. They function better when they’re open.

Working towards successful recovery requires an open mind. Open-mindedness is a cornerstone to change. Without the ability to accept something different from what you have always thought, you’ll be doomed to repeat the same behaviors.
This quote is a direct plea to anyone hoping to recover from alcoholism. It is the perfect analogy to impress upon you the need to open your mind to change. Armed with an honest willingness to be open-minded, you’ll be amazed how much you change.

Alcohol gave me wings, and then slowly took away my sky.

The disease of alcohol has destroyed countless dreams and many lives. It can start at any point in your life. Some fall prey to this debilitating sickness early in life, while others avoid consequences and drink for years into adulthood. The one thing that is invariably the same is that at some point alcohol grounded your life.

You’re either working on your recovery, or you’re working on a relapse.

This quote adds substance to the idea that recovery from alcoholism is a lifelong journey. It doesn’t need to be an arduous journey, but you do need to work at staying sober, if only for one day at a time to begin with. It’s also said, that if you walk 10 miles into the woods, you’ll need to walk the same distance back to get yourself out. Recovery only works if you work it.
You may have direct experience with a few of these quotes. If you haven’t already looked into the possibility that you may have a problem with alcohol, do so before it’s too late. There are outstanding treatment facilities and programs where you can begin your lifelong journey of recovery.


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