Preparing for the major changes in your life that help you obtain the successes we all long to achieve can make your stay at our rehabilitation facility much easier. When you set goals with your family to ensure they have access to all the tasks that need to be carried out while you are away, there is less worrying and pacing. When you have everything worked out with your employer, there should be no worries about starting fresh at a new job after your release. There are critical aspects of a stay in our rehab centers in Arizona that will go a lot smoother if you prepare in advance. Below, we have detailed five tips (from numerous drug addiction questions and answers) to help you focus on your inpatient drug rehab Arizona treatment.

#1: Coordinate an Objective Away Plan with Family

It is important for you to be relieved of the burdens and stresses that exist in your external life during this phase of addiction recovery. When the plans of caring for your children, pets, or financial obligations are not cut and dry, you may find yourself begging to call home at every opportunity to argue and bicker over every little thing you neglected to set up. If you can’t set up auto bill pay on your financial accounts, be sure that your family has access to the accounts and a dated list of when to make each payment.

#2: Grant Power of Attorney to a Family Member

No matter how thoroughly you are able to coordinate your financial affairs in your absence, it is to your benefit if you have a family member with power of attorney. Power of attorney will allow them to conduct your affairs on your behalf in an emergency. A power of attorney form is usually standardized from state-to-state and available from legal document companies for you to notarize and have the chosen family member present any time there is a law or procedure obstructing them.

#3: Notify Your Employer

Although it sounds risky to tell your employer that you are addicted to substances, the Family and Medical Leave Act enforces your right to retention of your job for up to 12-weeks. You don’t have to go into detail with your personal problems. Employers who see potential in you and value you as an employee will shrug off any negative perceptions and welcome you back, expecting an even stronger work-product when you are sober. Notifying your employer and providing the appropriate paperwork to make it official protects your job. You may even want to refer them to our website in order to enlighten them on the drug rehab resources available.

#4: Objectively Consider What Makes You Want to Use

If you outline the reasons now that make you want to drink or get high after the initial effects wear off, you obtain a more at-the-time perception. Note if you feel agitated, dysphoria (deeply depressed), anxious, unable to function (and what ways), and also why you can’t resist the logic to stop despite the dangers. Whatever perceptions you may feel of anxiety, depression, or a need to socialize, may all be helpful later in determining if you would benefit from dual diagnosis treatment at drug rehab Phoenix AZ.

#5: Remove Your Prejudices

If you are using alcohol or drugs, the substances reinforce the addictive behavior. They alter the way you think and what you feel is important in life. This creates cognitive dissonance and a hostility when you are approached with objective truths about your life and habits that seem alien to your conception of the world. The truth believed by most people is whatever serves their preconceived agendas.


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