When you need substance abuse treatment and don’t have insurance, finding a carrier to provide you with a policy before starting treatment is difficult. Many insurance providers enforce a waiting period before providing any primary coverage or use some other stipulation that makes attending rehab difficult, at least during the early stages of your policy.

Luckily, specific insurance organizations deal solely in substance abuse and mental health treatment and understand how challenging it is to navigate the paperwork side of rehab. Most of these providers offer multiple policies that cover some, if not all, of the costs associated with your treatment.

Medicaid and Medicare cover many Americans who otherwise couldn’t afford or don’t have access to private insurance. Many insurance companies who provide coverage for rehab allow you to combine their coverage with Medicaid or Medicare, allowing you to receive the help you need to attend rehab.

MultiPlan Insurance is one of these organizations, a veteran in the PPO insurance space – actually, THE veteran, as they’re the oldest independent PPO in the country. Their network includes over a million providers, giving their customers many options.

What Is a MultiPlan Approved Rehab?

MultiPlan Approved Rehab

A MultiPlan-approved rehab is a treatment facility included in MultiPlan’s PPO network. This means you’ll have to select a facility from the list of rehabs they provide you that exist within their network.

The only downside to this is that you can’t go out and select your rehab. However, because their network is so extensive, many quality options are available through MultiPlan.

They are flexible when it comes to seeing providers outside of the network, so you may be able to extend your reach. This is because, technically, MultiPlan doesn’t directly provide coverage.

Instead, they provide you with discounts on treatment and connect you with providers. Insurance companies contract with MultiPlan, allowing them to act as a middleman between providers and clients. The network they’ve created is highly complex.

In addition, they are known for their attractive deductibles, meaning you’ll save a significant amount of money upfront. For most people who require rehab, out-of-pocket expenses are one of the biggest roadblocks.

MultiPlan Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Providers who work with MultiPlan offer many options for people seeking substance abuse treatment. The amount or type of coverage you receive depends heavily on your location and level of care, but there is a general outline of your options using MultiPlan.

Can MultiPlan Insurance Cover Residential Treatment?

Many clients require inpatient residential treatment to begin their substance abuse therapy. This generally requires a stay of 30, 60, or 90 days.

Providers with MultiPlan do provide coverage for inpatient rehab options. However, to determine whether they cover all or only a portion of your treatment, they’ll need information regarding your residence and how long your recommendation is for treatment (30, 60, or 90 days?).

Is Medication-Assisted Treatment Possible with MultiPlan?

After an assessment, many clients find that outpatient rehab is their best option combined with some medication-assisted treatment. Residential rehab stays also provide medication-assisted treatment during a client’s stay, which may extend after graduation.

Providers in the MultiPlan network do extend coverage for medication-assisted treatment. This covers a range of potential options, including methadone and buprenorphine.

Features of Approved MultiPlan Rehab Programs

MultiPlan outlines no specific features regarding who they do and don’t cover. In addition, the final decision of coverage is at the discretion of the provider that MultiPlan connects you with.

However, they ensure that any substance abuse treatment or mental health facilities approved by providers are scrutinized for quality and speed. One of the primary benefits of using MultiPlan for rehab is that the companies they work with are extremely fast regarding the approval process.

This is one of the essential characteristics of any provider, as most rehab participants don’t have much time to plan out their participation in treatment. Many times, it’s a last-minute decision that requires quick action on the part of the insurance companies.

Will My MultiPlan Policy Cover Medical Detox?

MultiPlan Policy Cover Medical Detox

Yes, the providers in MultiPlan’s network provide coverage for medical detox. This may be contingent on the guarantee that you’re attending inpatient or outpatient treatment following the detox, and services may need to be set up before approval.

Be mindful of any stipulations or rules you might have to follow to receive approval for certain services. When it comes to addiction treatment, many insurance providers have prerequisites clients must follow before the provider covers a specific form of treatment.

Does MultiPlan Cover Out of State Rehab Centers?

Insurance companies within the MultiPlan network do work with substance abuse treatment centers all around the country. This means that they could potentially cover an out-of-state treatment facility, assuming they meet the criteria laid out by your insurance company.

Because MultiPlan doesn’t provide coverage directly, the best course of action is to speak with the rehab facility you plan on attending. They’ll be able to communicate with the insurance provider in the MultiPlan network on your behalf.

Can I Get Dual Diagnosis Treatment with MultiPlan?

MultiPlan doesn’t deal with providers that offer coverage solely for mental health services. However, in the case of substance abuse treatment, they make an exception.

MultiPlan does offer a large number of resources regarding mental health education and family support. In addition, if dual-diagnosis treatment is recommended as part of your care plan, the providers in the MultiPlan network will extend coverage.

If a provider in your area doesn’t offer this coverage as part of their plans, you may be able to choose a provider out of the network to get the coverage you need. This could also be an example of out-of-state rehab being a requirement.

One of the benefits of MultiPlan is their flexibility in situations like this and their willingness to go beyond their normal scope of assistance to provide clients with the help they need.

Prescription Medication Coverage with MultiPlan

MultiPlan assists with prescription medication in two ways. The first is that the companies they work with within their network provide coverage for prescription medications. Most likely, they will cover only a portion.

However, MultiPlan also gives clients access to prescription discount plans or programs that help find generic versions of medication for a much lower price. It’s essential to take advantage of the additional resources provided by MultiPlan and not just use them to connect with a provider.

Does MultiPlan Cover Aftercare Services or Sober Living Houses?

MultiPlan Insurance

MultiPlan doesn’t provide any coverage for aftercare or sober living houses. In addition, it’s difficult to say if a client would be able to receive coverage from the provider they’re connected with because there are so many different options.

However, MultiPlan does provide resources regarding aftercare services that are incredibly useful for anyone exiting treatment. This includes information about group recovery meetings in your area and many rich educational sources.

MultiPlan provides academic knowledge regarding multiple elements of the aftercare process. This includes ways a client’s family can offer more support and understanding and things that can help prevent the relapse process and continue being proactive during recovery.

If aftercare services or a sober living house is recommended after graduating treatment, the rehab facility can present this information to the coverage provider. In most cases, assuming all pertinent referral information and relevant documentation are available, most providers would end up extending some form of coverage for these services.

Find Lasting Recovery with MultiPlan Coverage at Pathfinders

At Pathfinders Recovery, we work with multiple different insurance providers. Plenty of our clients use insurance companies they’ve related to through MultiPlan, so we know exactly what the procedure is for dealing with these types of networks.

Our administration team and counselors work closely to ensure your coverage provider receives all the vital information required to approve you for any treatment relevant to your recovery. We’ll deal with the insurance company on your behalf, going the extra mile to ensure you receive every advantage possible when it comes to services rendered by the provider.

Dealing with insurance companies can be stressful. That’s something we fully understand at Pathfinders Recovery. Rest assured your case is in the best hands possible so you can focus on what’s most important – healing and putting maximum effort into recovery.

Contact a member of our knowledgeable staff to find out more information regarding providers we work with or general inquiries about starting treatment. With the right team behind you, lasting recovery is possible for any client seeking a victory against substance abuse.


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