Why Choose Private Pay Over Insurance?

For those of us struggling with addiction, the idea of going to rehab can be pretty scary. I didn’t want to give rehab a second thought. I was a chronic alcoholic and didn’t want to think about anything other than getting blackout drunk. Going somewhere where I couldn’t drink was an absolute no. It took a long time for me to come to terms with my addiction and to realize I need help.

When I finally decided to go to rehab, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible while I worked through my issues. Taking that first step is huge and can alter the course of your entire recovery. Picking the right rehab is a key part of the process. I chose a private pay rehab through Pathfinders and am very glad I chose them as my first step.

Benefits of Private Pay for Treatment

The benefits of privately paying for rehab depend on your situation. It’s an uncomfortable process no matter what. If you can go to a place that offers multiple amenities and luxurious living spaces, you will have a good chance of getting through rehab successfully. Having total control over your addiction treatment can put you in a good place mentally.

Funding my own recovery made me want to take it more seriously. The bill was on me, so I knew that I better use my time wisely. Having the full range of addiction treatment resources gave me a huge boost of confidence. I had the best treatment available to me. Everyone made me feel completely at home. This made me want to give it all I had.

The Privacy and Private Pay Connection

The issue of privacy comes into play as well. Privacy when it comes to your medical records can be a very comforting thing during such an uncomfortable process. There are so many factors to consider when you begin the journey of recovery.

At Pathfinders, I was given access to a personalized treatment plan. Having a plan in place is a huge part of this process. Everyone approaches recovery differently. All of our addictions are unique to us, and some people require different methods.

Most drug rehabs are not a solitary experience. You will interact with a lot of other addicts in group and social settings. It’s important to have other people around you who are going through what you’re going through. Going through rehab by yourself is difficult.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers offers a variety of group programs that will help you work together with others on your sobriety. I met some of the nicest people here and have kept in touch with a lot of these individuals. I have kept in touch with a lot of the great people working at Pathfinders and they have helped me a lot with aftercare services.


Treatment Center Payment Options Abound

A lot of rehab centers typically offer multiple options for how to pay. There are pros and cons of Insurance vs. private pay for treatment. As I mentioned before, if you’re paying out of pocket you have more control over the length of your stay and your aftercare treatment.

A lot of addicts don’t have the means to pay out of pocket, so they have to work with insurance companies. There are many more options available now than there used to be. Many private healthcare providers will work with you to help you put in place the best course of action.

Oftentimes when you enter rehab, you can’t just ignore all of your prior responsibilities. A lot of these programs will allow you access to your laptop and the internet so you can keep up with what’s going on outside while also continuing to focus on your recovery.

Many of these luxury treatment centers will have a personalized approach for each individual. One approach doesn’t always work for everyone. Pathfinders did a great job of finding the treatment approach that worked best for me. I went with a more holistic approach in my therapy and it worked wonders.

The Responsibility of Private Pay

There are a lot of mixed feelings associated with addiction. I know that I dealt with a lot of shame and embarrassment regarding my alcoholism. I didn’t want to admit I had a problem for a long time. Once I finally did, I felt exposed. I wanted my recovery to be somewhat private, which is another big reason I chose an exclusive rehab center like Pathfinders.

They did a great job of respecting my privacy and letting me go through the process without too much publicity. There are other options for private pay as well. When you control the financing of your recovery, the ball is in your court.

Options for Insurance Beyond Private Pay

It’s important to understand the difference between Medicaid vs. Medicare when it comes to recovery. Medicaid will cover you if you are over the age of sixty five, while medicare is geared more towards people who have a low income. There is also concierge addiction treatment available at a lot of rehab centers.

If you are using out of network vs. in network insurance, things can get tricky. You may be on the hook for more. Don’t panic. Because of the affordable care act and marketplace coverage, you have different options to choose from. It isn’t all or nothing in most cases. The recovery lifestyle is more out in the open than it used to be. There is still a lot of stigmas involved with recovery, but luckily the insurance companies are offering more than they used to.

Confidentiality in All Aspects of Treatment

I didn’t want everyone in my life to know that I was going to rehab. I also didn’t want them to know I was attending a fancy rehab center. I felt a bit ashamed that I was going to a high-end drug rehab center. I didn’t need to be judged by others while I was trying to get better. I made a great effort to not make a big deal about it.

Going to any rehab is a big deal, but I wanted to go about it my own way. It was important for me to get clean and sober in a private setting. I am a pretty private person in general, so I wanted my recovery to be somewhat exclusive.

I submitted to the program and did whatever I needed to do to succeed. Because I was in such a beautiful facility, it made it easier for me to buckle down and work through my problems. Because I was able to do it discreetly, I could focus all of my energy on getting better. Being able to hit the gym and the beach during the day helped a lot too. Even though it seemed easy at times, I had plenty of moments in rehab where I struggled.


Putting in the Work for Your Recovery

Just because I was in a fancy rehab center didn’t mean it was going to be a cakewalk. I had to work through many of my issues in order to come out sober after all was said and done.

I still work on those issues today, but because of my experience at Pathfinders, I have a better understanding of what makes me tick. I have a pretty good handle on my addiction now because I work on it every day. I don’t forget where I came from. I know that I would be dead if I hadn’t made the huge step to enter recovery.

I come from a family with money. Growing up, I always thought I could throw money at problems and they would go away. I was taught that financial wealth could overcome anything. Because of that, I was in for a rude awakening as I got older. Once I realized you can’t just buy personal happiness, it sent me on a tailspin.

My addiction became worse and worse. I realized that it didn’t matter how well off I was. I didn’t have the skills to fight my addiction, because I assumed my money would solve everything. It took me a while to realize that it took something deeper within myself to get better. Because of the trauma-informed approach at Pathfinders, I learned that it didn’t matter where I came from. You can still be affected by trauma no matter what your background.

Private Pay and Gratitude in Recovery

The cost of private pay rehab can be a bit more than the usual rehab, but if you want to be as comfortable as possible I highly recommend doing so if you have the means. If you understand how lucky you are to be able to attend rehab at all, it will help humble you.

A lot of people can’t afford to attend even the cheapest of rehabs. A lot of addicts on the street have no recourse whatsoever. It’s very important for you to keep that in mind as you work on your sobriety. If you have it easier than others, you should take advantage of that.

I am thankful for every new day that I remain sober. I don’t take my recovery lightly. I was able to attend the type of private rehab resort that a lot of addicts wouldn’t get to. I try to keep in mind that I had the privilege to attend one of the very best alcohol rehab centers. I don’t drink today because I know what I put into my sobriety.

I put in not just a lot of money and time, but a lot of my personal energy. It doesn’t matter that I went to a luxury alcohol rehab. What matters is that I put in the work and the effort that it took for me to get clean.


Choosing the Right Addiction Treatment for You

I talk to addicts from all types of different backgrounds. I used to only associate with other people with money. Now that doesn’t matter to me. If you are a good person, I am glad to call you a friend. Going to meetings regularly has helped keep me grounded.

I have met many different addicts at various stages of their recovery. I make it a point to listen to these people and also offer my own advice to whoever wants to hear it. Being open and honest about your struggles will keep you in check.

Addiction affects all of us differently. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your financial situation is. If you have an addiction, you are powerless. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t truly want to get better, no drug rehab center will help you. The most important thing is that you want it.

A lot of addicts think they want sobriety, but the drug is more powerful than that desire. If you get to a point where the desire to get clean overrides the desire to get high, you are ready to fight your addiction with everything you’ve got. Call us today at Pathfinders Recovery Center and we will help forge your willingness into lasting recovery, the time to heal is now!


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