Crack Cocaine Addiction

Crack cocaine addiction and abuse is a disorder that many people fall prey to each year.

This comes as no surprise, as cocaine is one of the most common and dangerous illicit drugs.

While this is true in any forms, crack cocaine is generally even more dangerous than regular cocaine.

With both the immediate, potent side effects and their almost immediate disappearance, the chances of addiction and overdose are greater.

Seeking treatment is the best way to ensure a healthy, sober life free from the grips of your crack cocaine addiction.

Pathfinders Recovery Center can help.


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Is Crack an Opioid?

Because it is made of a base drug and other components, crack can be difficult to classify.

If you have ever wondered, “is crack an opioid,” you would not be alone.

However, crack cocaine is not an opioid. It is a powerful and addictive stimulant.

Cocaine is labeled as a Schedule II drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

It landed in this category for its high potential for abuse, with the potential to lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

The drugs in the Schedule II category are considered dangerous. Cocaine becomes even more dangerous when it is modified into crack.


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What is Crack Cocaine Made of?

Crack cocaine is made up of a base of cocaine with additional substances mixed in. The additional substances are usually water and baking soda. However, people sometimes mix cocaine with ammonia instead. Once the cocaine is altered, the substance can be ingested. While both cocaine and crack cocaine are capable of rewiring your brain, the amount of time this takes is not often the same. Crack cocaine users typically find that it happens much faster. For some people, this change can happen as soon as the first use. Crack cocaine addiction and abuse can change your thought patterns and behaviors to the point where you begin to lose track of who you are.

You become harder to recognize and more dependent on the fleeting side effects of crack cocaine abuse. The ups and downs or highs and lows of crack cocaine addiction and abuse can lead to serious and potentially long-term mental and physical health complications. It can also lead to work-related issues, accidents, relationship troubles, and criminal activities. The impacts of crack cocaine abuse are far-reaching. They often extend into many different areas of your life. Choose not to let it run your life for another day. You have the power to take back control.


Common Crack Cocaine Addiction Forms

Once cocaine is altered into crack, it takes the form of light and off-white colored rocks. When the rocks are boiled, they make a distinct cracking sound, hence the name. Depending on the form it is shaped into, it may be smoked, snorted, or injected. Each of these methods of ingestion may lead to crack cocaine addiction and abuse. Each method of crack cocaine ingestion is also more dangerous than traditional cocaine ingestion.

Crack cocaine is both more dangerous and more addictive than cocaine alone. When you inhale crack cocaine, the substance reaches your blood and lungs almost immediately. It then produces feelings of euphoria and increased focus and energy, also almost immediately. But one of the problems with crack cocaine addiction is that the side effects fade almost as quickly as they appeared. When it is smoked, they last an average of ten minutes.

Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse Pathfinders - Close up photo of someones hands as they hold a crack pipe in one hand and light a lighter to smoke crack with the other. Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse is a dangerous problem here in the U.S.

What is the Most Dangerous Form of Crack Cocaine?

While smoking or snorting can both lead to crack cocaine addiction, health problems, or an overdose, there is one form that is often even more dangerous. Perhaps the most dangerous method of ingestion is the injection of crack cocaine. In addition to immediate and fleeting effects that leave you desperate for more, it comes with various other complications. Injecting crack cocaine opens up the possibilities of developing an infection from shared needles, a greater chance of overdose, and the potential for collapsing veins. Do not wait for a mental or physical health complication to derail your life. Seeking help for your crack cocaine addiction now may be the best thing you can do for your life.


Side Effects of Crack Cocaine Addiction

For many people, the short-term or early side effects of crack cocaine use are appealing. You may experience an increase in feelings of excitement, energy, and happiness. This stimulant drug speeds your bodily processes up, but a crash comes shortly after. Typically, the crash occurs within ten minutes. Instead of increased excitement, energy, and happiness, you will likely feel your mood shift, and your energy levels drop. You may feel sad, tired, angry, nervous, or paranoid, as well. But what is even more troubling is the intense drug cravings that come with crack cocaine use.

These cravings fool your brain into feeling like you need more to feel better again. This can lead to addiction or overdose. Strokes and heart attacks are also common in crack cocaine use. If you share needles with another user, you risk contracting HIV, AIDS, or hepatitis, too. And just when you think it cannot get any more dangerous, mixing crack cocaine with alcohol or other drugs heightens each of these risks. These risks are why crack cocaine addiction treatments were invented. They are right here waiting for you. Why wait another day?


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Rehab Settings for Crack Cocaine Addiction

The best rehab programs offer a variety of settings to choose from. At Pathfinders we offer customizable plans based on real addictions, needs, and complications – current and potential. We monitor your progress, adjust as necessary, and give you the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. At our program you build healthy habits, coping mechanisms, and support systems. We will teach you how to manage your addiction and prevent relapses. These are just some of the goals we aim to achieve at Pathfinders Recovery Center. These goals are achieved in a variety of care settings. Among them, we offer:

  • Medical detoxes
  • Inpatient or residential rehab programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Long-term rehab options
  • Aftercare planning and services


Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse Pathfinders - Several people get together and workout before rehab begins. A holstic approch to addiction treatment at Pathfinders includes yoga and other exercise to help heal the body and mind.

Rehab Methods for Crack Cocaine Addiction

The treatment methods you experience may vary a bit depending on the type of program setting you choose. For example, things like holistic exercise classes, nutritional guidance, and daily healthy meals are exclusive to residential programs. When our time with you is limited, we will narrow it down to proven therapeutic techniques, like cognitive-behavioral therapy and support groups, leaving holistic remedies for you to pursue at home.

While outpatient programs are often enough for patients with milder addictions and family obligations, crack cocaine addiction is a particularly difficult one to overcome. An inpatient stay would likely start with medical detox to ease your withdrawal symptoms and enforce early sobriety. It would include both therapeutic techniques and holistic remedies for an incredibly well-rounded recovery approach. We will help you choose the right path to take once we know you a little better. For now, here is a quick look at some of the addiction treatment methods we take advantage of:

  • Support groups
  • Various therapeutic techniques
  • Holistic remedies
  • Training in stress and addiction management, relapse prevention, financial planning, and goal setting
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Healthy meals
  • Recreational activities
  • A safe and comfortable place to work toward sobriety


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Pathfinders’ Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

When you are ready to address and overcome your addiction to crack cocaine, you are ready for Pathfinders.

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We accept payments from most major health insurance providers and are happy to outline alternatives, as well.

We are here to help with each of your addiction care needs, including all of the little details that go into getting you here.

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