The Pathfinder’s Recovery Program

Pathfinders Recovery Center is a Premier Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorder treatment center with upscale locations throughout the Scottsdale area. We provide researched, cutting edge, and effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The partners and leadership at Pathfinders Recovery Center have over 25 years of experience in the field of addiction treatment, Co-occurring disorders, and the important but frequently over looked; transition back into society. We choose to utilize the most cutting edge addiction treatment modalities because we believe that addiction adapts, changes, progresses, and manifests in different ways as time passes.

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Our goal is to help individuals suffering from addiction and other Co-Occurring disorders find a meaningful, purpose driven life. We pride ourselves on providing a confidential, fun, safe, peaceful and loving atmosphere that allows healing and connection to take place. “Addiction is a disease centered in isolation, come to Pathfinders Recovery Center to find out the level of help you need to get your life back on track.”

30 days

Vision Phase ” – The state of being able to see and imagine one’s future”
Am I an addict?

At Pathfinders Recovery Center we offer a 30 day treatment track for those experiencing ambivalence about the severity / reality of their addiction. You may think you can stop on your own, or think that you will stop when your ready; but your not ready yet. Let Pathfinders Recovery Center help you in this decision making process as it can and will impact the rest of your life. We provide treatment and education fostered by a team of professionals to help you better identify and decide if you primarily suffer from an addiction, other dependency, or other mental health related issue. During this time we help you develop an understanding through experience and education of the difference in severity of addiction.

90 days

Quest Phase ” – A search and pursuit made in effort to find or obtain something of purpose.”
What can I do about my addiction?

This is our most utilized and recommended track. Now that you have an understanding about your addiction how do you release the grasp it holds on your life? your family? your profession? and even your future? These are the matters so many of us struggle with that are addressed on a more thorough level in our 90 day track. During Pathfinders 90 day track you will receive individualized treatment planning from an experienced team of clinical and medical professionals. We will help you identify and work through at a deeper level the underlying causes of your addiction. Pathfinders Recovery Center believes in a combination of therapeutic, medication assisted treatment, and assistance in the development of a sober social network specific to your needs and discharge planning as an independent person.

6 months-1 year

Pathfinder Phase ” – A Person that discovers a way, through uncharted territory, illuminating a path for others.”
Now that I have overcome my addiction, whats next?

This is a great option that we offer at Pathfinders Recovery Center. During this track you will acquire the ability to live on a daily basis and be more involved in the world while still returning the to support offered from a structured clinical environment. Many of the patients in this phase at Pathfinders Recovery Center work on a daily basis, attend meetings, offer support to others, and continue participating in meetings held at Pathfinders Recovery Center. These meetings are geared to continue educating on the following; Relapse Prevention, Service, Securing Employment, Budgeting, Financial Management, becoming Self – Supporting, Stage Two Recovery, Life Skills, GED assistance, College / Collegiate Recovery offering safe and structured Sober Living Environments on or off Campus at different Universities including support groups, study halls, peer leadership, and life coaching. If this phase is elected together we will begin planning for your future at an early phase of treatment. Pathfinders Recovery Center takes pride in seeing there patients all the way through, from admission, through treatment, during and after the transition back into the world. There is no better experience we get to have as a team than the follow up meetings even a year down the line with our successful, sober, and happy, graduates.


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