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Pathfinders Recovery Program

Pathfinders Recovery Center is a Premier Addiction and Dual Diagnosis treatment center with upscale locations in Arizona. We provide researched, cutting edge, and effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. The partners and leadership at Pathfinders Recovery Center have over 25 years of experience helping those seeking treatment for addiction, co-occurring disorders, and the important but frequently overlooked transition back into daily life as productive members of society.

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At Pathfinders Recovery Center we know what it takes to get your life back from the grasp of addiction. We have been there. We offer treatment programs that teach integrity, honesty, hard work, leadership, and responsibility. The ultimate goal is to achieve a sober life that is full of meaning… we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Our Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ) program is a men’s program with complete alcohol rehab and drug rehab offerings, from our acclaimed Alumni program to aftercare events.

Our setting offers a full continuum of treatment services that provide dual diagnosis and addiction treatment for the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale residents and those battling substance abuse in Arizona as a whole.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers will give you the tools needed for a solid foundation and fresh start on the path to having a successful, clean and sober, life.


The ultimate goal is to achieve a sober life, with alcohol & addiction recovery that is both achievable and sustainable.


The Pathfinder’s Recovery Program Pathfinders Recovery Center is a Premier Addiction Treatment Choice.


Pathfinders Recovery Centers in Arizona offer luxury facilities to ensure that all our clients remain safe, and comfortable, while being in our rehabs.

Mission Statement

At Pathfinders, we are dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards lasting recovery from substance abuse and dual diagnosis challenges. With compassion, expertise, and evidence-based practices, we provide comprehensive treatment programs tailored to meet each person’s unique needs. Our mission is to empower individuals to reclaim their lives, heal their minds and bodies, and discover a path towards a brighter future. By fostering a supportive community, promoting holistic wellness, and offering a range of therapeutic modalities, we strive to be the beacon of hope for those seeking transformation and long-term recovery. Together, we navigate the paths of healing, inspiring individuals to unlock their potential and build a foundation for lasting wellness and fulfillment.



What Is Alcohol Abuse? Alcohol Abuse Treatment In Scottsdale, AZ Alcohol is a legal substance that lowers a person’s inhibitions and ability to make good judgement calls. Alcohol has a pretty wide range of effects on an individual, from slurred speech to blacking out. While many people may experience unintended consequences of alcohol abuse during …

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Herion Treatment

What Is Heroin Addiction? Heroin Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale, AZ Heroin is an opiate that is manufactured from refining the sap of poppy flowers. Opiates such as morphine and heroin are incredibly strong painkillers and have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. One of the biggest reasons heroin is appealing to its users is …

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You were struggling through the most difficult battle of your life. You couldn’t handle it on your own, so you sought help. Now the doctor tells you that you actually have two problems to battle instead of one. Is this normal? Actually, yes, it is. It’s quite common for those with either mental illness, substance …

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Lynn P

The world of recovery has become al about money for many recovery facilities, BELIEVE me! Been there done that! However, the men who own and run Pathfinders Recovery genuinely care about their clients and will go to great lengths to help people succeed. An addict must be ready to change their life a…

Ross B

I’ve known Lucas for around 4 years now. He specifically has helped save my life. If it weren’t for him and his unconditional love I wouldn’t be where I am at today. He never gave up on me and never considered me as a hopeless case. He doesn’t consider anyone hopeless and has helped me…

Cherra S

Pathfinders Addiction Treatment Center saved my son’s life and continue to do so with their ongoing support and care. I cannot say enough about the level of compassion combined with clearly defined structures to help the patients achieve sobriety and maintain it.

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