Accredited By The Joint Commission
Accredited By The Joint Commission

Pathfinders Recovery Center is proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission as well as being a member of NAATP

Substance Abuse Treatment
Substance Abuse Treatment
Pathfinders Recovery Center provides top level substance abuse treatment services to those who struggle with addiction and chemical dependency. We understand the struggle and we are here to help.

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Medically Supervised Detox

Dual Diagnosis

Our Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program

Aftercare – Relapse Prevention

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Our Drug & Alcohol Recovery Program
The Pathfinder’s Recovery Program Pathfinders Recovery Center is a Premier Addiction and Co-Occur
What We Offer
Individualized Treatment Planning Every individual comes to Pathfinders with a unique background an...
Aftercare – Relapse Prevention
Post Treatment - Preventing Relapse Post Treatment Nearly 60% of individuals recovering from a...
Accredited By The Joint Commission
Pathfinders Recovery Center is proud to be accredited by the Joint Commission as well as being a mem...

Testimonials – Kyle D

I have been in and out of treatment for years, and in that time have met a lot of people that "work in the field of recovery," a lot of which don't really care about clients, it's just a job that allows them to pay their bills. It is rare to find people that genuinely give a damn, and these guys do....

Testimonials – Cherra S

"Pathfinders Addiction Treatment Center saved my son's life and continue to do so with their ongoing support and care.  I cannot say enough about the level of compassion combined with clearly defined structures to help the patients achieve sobriety and maintain it.  

Testimonials – Lynn P

The world of recovery has become al about money for many recovery facilities, BELIEVE me! Been there done that! However, the men who own and run Pathfinders Recovery genuinely care about their clients and will go to great lengths to help people succeed. An addict must be ready to change their life a...

Testimonials – Ross B

"I've known Lucas for around 4 years now. He specifically has helped save my life. If it weren't for him and his unconditional love I wouldn't be where I am at today. He never gave up on me and never considered me as a hopeless case. He doesn't consider anyone hopeless and has helped me through all ...

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Preparing for the major changes in your life that help you obtain the successes we all long to achieve can make your stay at our rehabilitation facility muc...

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